Aquaman: King of Atlantis is the cartoon show based on the DC Comcis superhero of the same name. 

Synopsis: Edit

Characters: Edit

Main Characters: Edit

  • Orim/Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Voiced by ) 

Supporting Characters: Edit

  • Mera (Voiced by ) 
  • /Aqualad (Voiced by )

Other DC Heroes: Edit

Villains: Edit

  • Orm/Ocean Master (Voiced by Sam Witwer) 
  • Black Manta (Voiced by Keith David) 

Other Villains: Edit

Episodes: Edit

Crew: Edit

Executive Producers: Sam Register 


Directors: Sam Register, Jay Oliva, Sam Liu, 

Voice Director: 

Music by: 

Animation Provided by: 

Production Companies: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation 

Distributed: Warner Bros. Television 

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