During the Late Minoan period, a male named Duripi sacrificed Kitane without any authorisation. Kitane was reborn born as an Amazon on the island of Themyscira. She returned to Crete soon after Diana of Themyscira visited the Patriarch's World. There, the natives noted that she resembled greatly a priestess in a mural - one she claimed to be herself, and proved after defeating a mysteriously resurrected Duripi.

Her feats earned her a festival in her name, which, when asked, she stated as Kitane, but quickly decided upon a superheroine name - Ariadne. Annually she would attend this festival and observe a play based on her, with urban myths about her thrown in. She gained a life of fame, being cast in her own movie as the defender of Crete and obtaining a modelling career.

She grew further and further apart from Themyscira, until eventually, she only visited it once a year.