250px Vital Statistics
Real Name Rex Harrington
Alias The Batboy
Race Human

Batboy (A.K.A Rex Harrington) is the name of a young American man who has taken the law into his own hands.


Rex Harrington was born on March 25, 1994 in Gotham General Hospital to Daniel and Selena Harrington. He was raised in a tough neighborhood; which was homed to many criminals and corrupt people.

His father was known to be a criminal who would have to make a living via underground tournaments to the death. He was known to have been the best fighter ever; however one day; The Joker came to his father with the concept of paying him plenty to afford to move out of his apartment if he lost. Despite the offer made by Joker; Daniel won the fight and that led to Joker showing up on his doorstep and torturing them before killing him before Rex's eyes. Joker then killed Rex's mother; then raped and murdered his sister; however Joker didn't kill him. He instead tore Rex's eyes out of his skull; leaving him blind permanently. After the Joker left; a man whom Rex knew as Tinker Toy Jones; took Rex in and within days; Rex was able to see with the use of specially made bionic eyes; designed especially for him.

Becoming a Knight of GothamEdit

By 20 years old; Rex mastered his new eyes and became a master of stealth and utilized many different forms of gadgets; but now needed a new costume to fight crime and bring the man who killed his family down.

Upon witnessing Batman in action; Rex realized that what he needed was a costume similar to that of Batman's. He and Tinker Toy Jones made a costume out of a durable and flexible form of Metallo; which protected him from blades and bullets; as well as lasers. The first time he donned the uniform of Batboy was when he stopped a drug and arms shipment between black market dealers and the Joker's men. He stopped their transaction and interrogated one of Joker's lieutenants who despite being confronted by a new bat in town; underwent intense interrogation and finally cracked.

Batboy became known throughout Gotham; even coming to the attention of Bruce Wayne (Batman). This later let to Batman actually coming face to face with the young Batboy; who explained to Batman that he would take vengeance on the Joker for the murder of his family. Despite Batman's words of wisdom; Rex failed to see the point in Joker living; so he continued his search for the Clown Prince of Crime.

Confrontation of ChanceEdit

After 2 weeks of searching; Batboy finally discovered the Joker's whereabouts in an old Steel Mill where he recently held captive another victim to his insidious behavior due to underground tournaments. He was about to perform the same thing to a young girl named Violet Blue; however Rex intervened before anything could happen.

He managed to take down Joker's minions before taking on the Joker. In his anger; Rex attacked him and beat him so bad; Joker looked worse than death. Rex then revealed his true identity to Joker; who despite his surprise, planned to kill Rex with a gun on him. Rex stopped Joker's hand and broke his arm; then knocked him out with Amnesia Gas he designed so that Joker didn't remember a thing about Rex being Batboy. Rex then took Violet home and left Joker for the police.


Later on; Violet who was rescued by Rex, decided to stay with him and because her family was rich; she gave him a home as a sign of her gratitude. She and him later married and now she is pregnant with their child.


Being a human, Rex is known to have a variety of many abilities. Although not very superhuman, like Batman, his abilities and feets are among gods.

  • Bionic Eyes: After having his eyes brutally ripped out of his sockets by Joker, Rex's friend Tinker Toy Jones surgically implanted artificial eyes into his head that are linked to his brain. These eyes are designed with bionics and allow him to not only see, but detect things that others just can't. The eyes also possess a variety of different visions that enable him to get his job done efficiently. The visions of sight of course are also controlled neutrally. His eyes have also been shielded against electromagnetic pulses.
    • Night Vision: Being a nocturnal crime fighter, Rex's eyes can switch to night vision, enabling him to see his enemies when they're in the dark.
    • Thermal Vision: Alongside night vision, Rex's eyes can also switch to seeing animals and beings with a temperature. It can also detect any kind of high heat.
    • Sonar Vision: A very strange and unique vision is what allows Rex to utilize sound to see. This is basically the use of echolocation much like an actual bat.
    • X-Ray Vision: Like Superman, Rex's eyes enable him to see through virtually any solid surface with the exception of lead.
  • Peek-Human Strength: Although not as superhuman strong as others, Rex's strength makes him an almost lethal does of pain to regular humans. His strength has proven to be a great asset against even the most dangerous of supervillians.
    • Peek-Human Durability: When fighting against an enemy Rex is likely gonna take a few hits, which his body is prepared for in terms of being durable.
    • Peek-Human Stamina: Rex's amazing stamina enables him to stay in a fight longer than many other enemies he's ever faced.
    • Peek-Human Immune System: Against enemies that possess very powerful gases and even lethal viruses, Rex's immune system has been immunized against various potentially lethal threats pertaining to attacking his body.
  • Peek-Human Speed: Against enemies who may seem faster to others, Rex is known to possess ninja-like speed.
    • Peek-Human Reflexes: Rex possesses reflexes that are of a ninja. His reflexes are extraordinarily fast and with the use of his bionic eyes, he is capable of catching bullets in mid-air before they hit him.
  • Peek-Human Agility: Against enemies with fast and quick moving reflexes, Rex possesses an amazing degree of agility.
  • Peek-Human Intellect: Rex's intellect allows him to know a variety of different subjects ranging from history and mathematics to that of psychology and even engineering knowledge.
  • Peek-Human Senses: As sharp as his physical attributes are, Rex is nowhere without the use of his sharpened human senses. Although possessing 4 of his 5 natural senses, Rex possesses almost a sixth sense when it comes to hearing, smelling and feeling his enemies presence.
  • Expert Swimmer: Despite being behind a durable and lightweight Metallo suit, Rex has shown to be an excellent swimmer.
  • Master of Stealth: Being a knight of Gotham, Rex has shown to be an extraordinary master of stealth. This enables him to be able to sneak up behind enemies undetected and take them down without having to kill them.
  • Master of Interrogation: Like Batman, Rex is known to have a great knowledge of various interrogation skills that enable him to get information out of his enemies with ease. He's even got more potent methods to causing a strong willed person to crack.
    • Counter-Interrogation Skills: Alongside being a master of interrogation, Rex also has an arsenal of counter-interrogation skills which enable him to get out of being interrogated easily.
  • Multi-Lingual: Being in various countries, Rex has learned how to speak a variety of different languages. He's also got a variety of different languages that are alien in origin he's learned as well.
  • Master of Aerodynamics: When gliding throughout the city, Rex has been trained in how to mimic the flying of a large bat.
  • Mixed Martial Artist: Being a crime fighter of Gotham, Rex has 15 martial arts degrees and a variety of different martial arts that enable him to take down enemies far better than with traditional hand to hand combat. His martial arts isn't just limited to Earth bound either, there are a variety of different alien martial arts he's learned as well.
  • Master of Throwing Weapons: Like Batman, Rex possesses an amazing and accurate range and distance that enables him to throw any type of throwing weapon or device along great ranges.
  • Ventriloquism: Much like Batman, Rex possesses an ability to throw his voice. It enables him to throw his enemies off guard and trick them so that he can get the drop on them easier.
  • Voice Impersonations: A very unique feet of Rex's is his ability to impersonate a variety of different people when he has the chance. His impressions have enabled him to get into places without any problem at all.
  • Master of Disguise: Being a commoner, Rex is known to be an expert master of disguise and infiltration. He knows know to dress and act like various different people, which is how he can get in on various criminal activity undercover.
  • Expert of Forensics: Rex who is like Batman, possesses an amazing natural ability for the use of forensics and a variety of other detective skills that he needs in order to gain clues.


The suit designed and built by Rex and Tinker Toy Jones is a masterpiece. Built with a durable and lightweight form of the substance known as Metallo, the suit also has a bionic-neural interface that is connected to the nerves of the wearer. It comes complete with a neural interfaced cowl and a cape that is used for a number of different things. The suit is also shielded against electromagnetic radiation that can short out other electrical and mechanical systems.

  • Bionic-Enhancers: Being that the suit has a bionic-neural interface, it's designed to enhance the natural abilities of the wearer to that of 10 men. This includes strength, speed, durability, etc.
  • Gauntlet Integrated Devices: The gauntlets worn by Rex are designed to be equipped with a variety of different devices and equipment that he uses for various situations.
    • Gauntlet Mounted Computers: On both gauntlets, Rex has installed amazingly state of the art computer systems in both gauntlets. This allows him to work with either one in case he ever loses one.
    • Gauntlet Mounted Grapnel Guns: Instead of carrying a grapnel gun on his utility belt, Rex houses 2 grapnel guns within the gauntlets that are on his suit. He can carry a maximum of 5-10 grapnel hooks and cables. The cables are also threaded with both Titanium and Metallo which can hold over 2 tons and possibly more, despite it being lightweight.
  • Memory Cloth Cape: The fabric that makes up Rex's cape is composed of a thermal resistant and sub-zero resistant memory cloth. The fabric is regularly flexible until a current is placed through it, causing it to re-align and become rigid. The cape he wears enables him to glide and mimic the appearance of an oversized bat.
  • Electro-Shock Gloves: In order to make use of his memory cloth cape, Rex wears dual electrical gloves designed to activate it when he needs the use of his glider. The gloves he wears also enables him to engage enemies and stun them with a powerful burst of electrical energy, which are rubber insulated to protected Rex from getting shocked himself.

Utility BeltEdit

Armed with a powerful utility belt, Rex is also armed with state of the art custom equipment that he has designed for his fight against crime.

  • Batarangs: Like Batman, Rex is armed with a variety of different sized and purposed batarangs that he has used against his foes.
    • Electrical Batarangs
    • Explosive Batarangs
    • Sonic Batarangs
    • Homing Batarangs
    • Plasma Batarangs
  • Anti-Toxins & Antidotes: Against enemies with a variety gases, drugs, diseases and poisons, Rex possesses a whole pouch dedicated to virtually all anti-toxins that have enabled him to survive many supervillians with such capabilities.
    • Joker Anti-Toxin
    • Poison Ivy Anti-Toxin
    • Venom Anti-Toxin
    • Disease Anti-Toxins
  • Tracking Device: Whenever being captured by his enemies, Rex's utility belt is armed with a tracking device that enables him to be detected by various computers including the batcomputer.
  • Flashlight: Alongside his other equipment, Rex is also armed with a multi-flashlight he designed and built himself.

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