Real Name Bailey Gordon
Current Alias Batgirl
Aliases Batgirl, Batwoman(Disguise)
Relatives Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Mother)

Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Father)

Age 24
Affiliation Heroes
Base Of Operations Gotham City
Alignment Birds of Prey
Identity Secret
Race Human
Nationality American
Marital Status Engaged(ToD)
Occupation Crime fighter, Reporter
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Fair
Universe Earth-374
Sector 2814

Hero File Edit

Bailey Gordon was one of the five founding members of the new Birds of Prey, fighting back against the oppression of the Arkham Crisis with her teammates. She and Jack Queen, AKA Sherwood, had a fling and eventually married sometime after Darkseid's attempted conquering of earth. Before the final vows could be shared, however, members of the Batman Rogues Gallery burst in, wanting revenge on the two heroes. Bailey and Jack were able to escape, but were separated by the bombing of Gotham City. Seeing that Superman was becoming something he was not meant to be, Bailey and Parker Zatara attempted to reason with him. Batgirl was murdered, taking a blast of Killer Frost's cold straight through the chest. Ally and friend Helena Kyle, AKA Wildcat at this point, briefly took the Batgirl mantle, before becoming the Huntress.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Bailey had no known superpowers.


  • Hacking
  • Martial arts skills
  • Weaponry Usage

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