Batman Xtreme is a comic book series that featuring the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Its set in the DC Xtreme universe.

Story Arcs Edit

The Dark Knight (1-5) Edit

Story Plot: After the death of his parents shorty after being kidnapped by insane psychopathic serial killer, Joe Chill and also learns that they were Batman and Batwoman, billionaire Bruce Wayne decides to continues the Batman legacy by becoming the next Batman. He begins to protect Gotham where he find himself getting from the Gotham PD where he help them out of by stopping Black Mask where Batman soon learns that Black Mask was the one who hires Joe Chill to kills his parents. Will he kills the man who took his parents away or puts him behind bars, once and for all?

Introducing Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman (I), Alfred Pennyworth, Thomas Wayne/Batman (I), Martha Wayne/Batwoman, Commissioner James Gordon, Detective Silver St. Cloud, Detective Harvey Bullock, Detective Renee Montoya, Fuicus Fox, Joe Chill, Ramon Sionis/Black Mask, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot

Villain: Joe Chill, Black Mask, Deadshot

Locations: Gotham City, Wayne Manor, Wayne Industries, Arkham Asylum, Gotham Police Department, Sionis Manor, Bat-Cave, Funeral

Death: Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne

more coming soon...

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