Continuum Number



The Adventures of Superan




Jim Bader

He's faster than a speeding facefault, more powerful than the raging hormones of the average Otaku, and able to eat Akane's cooking with only a mild case of indigestion! Enter the world of Smallville Nerima.


As a young girl Nodoka lonely at her father's temple, diligently practicing Kendo and finishing up with her morning chores witnessed a glowing green ball of light crashed down in the fields, bringing an unconscious stranger into her life, an oddly dressed man who had obviously been in some manner of fight or other and who seemed to be on the point of near-death until Nodoka managed to drag him to a bed, and then proceeded to watch the stranger heal back to full health with remarkable speed, before even her father had time enough to come home and see what his youngest daughter was up to. Turned out the stranger had amnesia and could not remember the details of who he was and how he had come to be in their vegetable garden. Her father, Katsuhitsu, advised letting him stay on to recover a few days, and to give the stranger something to do put him to work repairing the damaged carrot fields, which the handsome man agreed was only fair, and it turned out that he had very good skills as a farmer, even seemed to relish the hard work, which Nodoka found very impressive. It also impressed her that the stranger was incredibly strong and could lift huge boulders without effort, and there were a number of other chores that he could perform in a day since he never seemed to tire and never complained about any task that he was given. He had charm and manners to spare, and this also appealed greatly to Nodoka, who had no real experience around men save for her kindly grandfather, and missed terribly her older sister, Achika, who had gone off to the city to marry a boy she met in college. It was not long before Nodoka found a way to tempt this stranger into her bed, though he was at first reluctant and voiced concern that he might hurt her inadvertently, which turned out not to be the case as he proved surprisingly gentle and considerate for a girl who had never before experienced the ecstasy of foreplay. It was as if the stranger knew how fragile human women were and had trained himself to use just enough force to make the experience meaningful, and when he came inside her it was like exploding fireworks as it kindled something inside of Nodoka, some power that lay long dormant, to respond in kind and meet his passion with her own intense ardor. What a shame it was not meant to be. His memories returned soon after this and he discovered, to his intense embarrassment, that he had another life somewhere and a family who would miss him. The fact that he was already married did not surprise Nodoka in the least, though it broke her heart to have to part with her Gaijin lover. It turned out that she already had an arranged marriage of her own that her grandfather reluctantly informed her about, so family duty meant parting their ways and never getting to see each other again, which was the Japanese way for long separations. Shortly after this she met Genma and was wed to him in an official ceremony...and eight months later...she had Ranma.

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