Barbara Gordan: Green Lantern

This universe is the home of Green Lantern Barbra Gordan, Wonder Woman Priscilla Rich and Batgirl Harleen Quinnsel (Harley Quinn), who are also members of the Justice League of America.

Barbra GordanEdit

A year after she was shot and paralysed from the naval down by The Joker, Barbra Gordan aka Oracle was chosen and proven worthy to become a member of The Green Lantern Corp. ; her Lanturn Ring has also given her the ability to walk anain.

Harley QuinnEdit

Batgirl harley redux by msciuto-d4rpibc

Harley Quinn: Batgirl

Tired of her now ex boyfriend manipulating and hitting her, as well as feeling guilty for all of the abuse and torment he did to Barbara, Harleen Quinnsel aka Harley Quinn finally dumped The Joker, gave up being The Clown Princess of Crime and took up the mantle of Batgirl. Though she is still insane, Harley is also now the kind of crazy person who you need on your/the good side. She later joined The Justice League of America at the same time that Barbra rejoined.

Priscilla RichEdit

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Priscilla Rich: Wonder Woman

After Clayface absorbed and killed Dianna Prince due to her being formed from clay and a drop of her mother's blood which left her infant daughter Dana an orphan, her arch nemesis Priscilla Rich aka Cheetah took her uniform and weapons and became the new Wonder Woman and new ruller of Thermascarah. After stealing alien technology and turning the island of The Amazon's into a utopia coexisting between nature and science and all of the Amazon's now known as The Cyber Amazon's, she wound up joining the Justice League of America when The Joker and his Joker Gang invaded and concured the island with their Joker Toxins. Once all of the Amazons were cured by Batman and The Joker Gang was brought to justice, Priscilla decided to permanently join the JLA and became a true Super Hero.

The JokerEdit

The Joker

The Joker after using hair gel for the first time.

The main villain in Gotham City and Batman's arch nemesis, he was the one who shot Barbra Gordan in the back and paralysed her from the naval down before rapeing her while he photographed and recorded his work before he sent it all to her father Police Commissioner James Gordan as further tormant. His girlfriend Harley Quinn was disgust with his actions and after he punched her in the face and broke her nose, she snapped and beat him into a bloody pulp before she turned him in to Gotham PD. Wanting to make amends to the Gordans for her now ex boyfriends actions, Harley Quinn doned Barbra Gordon's Bat suit and became the new Batgirl. Later on, The Joker founded and led the infamous Joker Gang before invading the island of The Amazon's. They were soon defeated by Batman, The Amazons and the Priscilla Rich Wonder Woman before being brought to The Gorham Police Department. The Joker Gang were sent to prison for life while The Joker went back to The Arkham Insane Asylum, ending his mayhem for the time being. Green Lantern Barbra Gordan, Batgirl Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman Priscilla Rich soon became best friends and formed a new Bird's of Prey team unlike any other before them, while also honoring the memory of the original/previous Wonder Woman.

Notes and TriviaEdit

This was a three part Comicbook Miniseries called Alternate Bird's of Prey, with The Joker as the main antagonist.