When more and more people claiming that Papercutz Comics wasn't doing that good of a job with the Power Ranger comicbooks, Haim Saban decided to have D.C.COMICS make um for a short time. However, when the DC Comics Power Rangers started selling out almost every issue that came out, the first ten seasons of Power Rangers permanently became apart of the Earth 1D.C.Universe. Below is a list of all the ten teams of six that now live in the Earth 1 D.C.Universe. 

D.C.Comics Power Rangers!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Squadron Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Power Rangers Zeo
Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers Time Force
Power Rangers Wild Force

Note : All of the Disney Era Seasons are the only Power Ranger teams who have their comicbooks published by Marvel Comics, which prevents any chance of a crossover with the first ten teams, ever. Also, rather or not the Power Rangers of the 2nd Saban Era will also have their comicbooks published by D.C.Comics is TBA; but, because they are also Saban Seasons, no other comicbook company will ever publish their comicbooks unless it's D.C.COMICS.

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