Power Rangers Captain Force is the complete retelling of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, giveing it a much darker tone. 

The Captain Force Rangers ( formally Super Megaforce )!
Troy Borrows : Captain Force Red Ranger
Noah Carver : Captain Force Blue Ranger
Gia : Captain Force Yellow Ranger
Jake Howling : Captain Force Green Ranger
Emma Watson : Captain Force Pink Ranger
Orion : Captain Force Silver Ranger

The Story : After the Megaforce Power Rangers defeated Prince Vrak and his allies, the Earth was invaded by the Royal Fleet of his younger brother Prince Vakar, forcing Gosei and Tensou to replace the Ranger`s power's with brand new ones based off of Pirates, and that's how they became Power Rangers Captain Force. Gosei also tells them that after Power Rangers In Space, he immediately realised that a new team of Rangers will always come forth at least every year or every other year, so he and Tensou taped into the Universal Morphing Grid and created all of the Legendary Ranger Keys and the Captain Morphers as well as the Silver Morpher. Their Zords are now called The Captainzords, which all combine into the Captain Megazord. Their weapons are called the Captain Blasters, Captain Swords and the Captain Cannon. Below is a list of all their Auxiliary Zords and the Megazords they can form with them. 

Auxiliary Zords and Megazord Formations with the Captain Megazord !
Mighty Morphin Dragonzord Captain Mighty Morphin Megazord
Mighty Squadron White Tigerzord Captain Squadron Megazord
Mighty Morphin Alien White Falcon Ninjazord Captain Alien Megazord
Red Racer Zeozord Captain Zeo Megazord
Red Racer Turbozord ( formally the Turbo Falcon Zord from Power Rangers RPM ) Turbo Racer Megazord & Captain Turbo Megazord
Silver In Space Zord Captain In Space Megazord
Nothing from Lost Galaxy Nothing from Lost Galaxy
5 Lightspeed Rescue Hydro Blasters that combine into the Lightspeed Cannon Captain Lightspeed Rescue Megazord
Time Force Q-Rex Megazord Mark Two Drill, Dinozord and Megazord Mode
Wild Force Red Lion Wildzord Captain Wild Force Megazord
Captain Wild Force Megazord Captain Samurai Megazord
Megaforce Red Bulldog Mechazord ( formally the Veriblune from Gorenger ) Captain Megaforce Megazord
Turbo Racer+Q-Rex+Captain Megazord= Ultimate Captain Megazord
Arm's of Q-Rex Megazord Mark Two Captain Dino Charge Megazord
Ninja Charge ????????????????? Captain Ninja Charge Megazord

Note : The Red Lion Wildzord and the alternate version of the Turbo Falcon Zord ( Red Racer Turbozord ) are in the comics because both Turbo and Wild Force are Saban Era seasons, while the other Super Megaforce Auxiliary Zords are all left out because they are the representations of the Disney Era Seasons. 

Legendary Ranger Modes ( from Ranger Key's ) !
Troy Noah Gia Jake Emma Orion
M.M.P.R. Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Green
Squadron Red Blue Yellow Green Pink White
Alien Rangers Red Blue Yellow Black White Ninjor
Zeo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold
Turbo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Blue Senturion
In Space Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Silver
Lost Galaxy Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Magna Defender
Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger Blue Yellow Green Pink Titanium
Time Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Quantum
Wild Force Red Blue Yellow Black White Lunar Wolf
Samurai Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold
Megaforce Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Robo Knight
Captain Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Silver
Dino Charge Red Blue Black Green Pink Silver
Dino Charge Navy Grey Cyan Grey 2 Purple Gold
T.Q.G. Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Orange
Ninja Charge Red Blue Yellow White Pink ???????
Main Villens : Vakar Levira Dameras ??????? Emperor Mavro X-Borgs

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