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Cyber Amazon Wonder Woman

Cyber Amazon's are 25% of Wonder Woman's female tribe and orphaned girls who they raised into adulthood on the island of Mechasara and combined their old Amazon ways with highly advanced alien technology as well as devoted to protecting the Earth from all evil forces. Their queen is a cyborg clone of the true Wonder Woman, but has grown to be age 45 (at least 15 years older than the original Wonder Woman by appearance) in the corce of ten years, and is the birth mother of Princess Pixel: Cyber Amazon Wonder Woman.


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First revealed Cyber Amazon'sEdit

Below are the first five Cyber Amazon's who made their daybute before the rest of their Amazonian race. 

Princess Pixels was the first Cyber Amazon to be born on Mechascara and their people's very own Wonder Woman. Her arsenal includes an Energy Lasso of Truth, a Forcefeald Shield, a Lazer Sword, Rocket Boots, an Amazon Lazer and armor forged from Metallo and Carbinanium combined. She's stronger, faster, smarter, more beautiful and 20% more invonrible than the original Wonder Woman. 
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Cyber Amazon Wonder Woman

Queen Gridna is the ruler of Mechascara and the mother of Princess Pixels. Cloned from Winder Woman's DNA and aged enhanced to be a 45 year old woman over the course of ten years, she is wise, loving and beautiful as she is deadly, dangerous and vengeful. Her weapons include The Cyber Staff, Lazer Gauntlets and her deathray eyepatch.

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Queen Gridna

Elite Firewall Guard are in in a class all their own and are also the greatest soldier's ever breeded for war and defense. Their commanding officer is Wirella. Despite a Lazer Saber and their famus Cyber Bowstaff, they each also have Lightning Crossbows, Forcefield Shields, Energy Pistols, Cyber Rifles, Cyber Ninja Stars, a cloaking device, self healing armor, their helmets give them X-ray, Night and Infer Red Vision, Rocket Boots, Lazer Gauntlets and built in wrist daggers.
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The Elite Firewall Guard

Wirella is the Captain of the Elite Firewall Guard and best friends with Princess Pixels. Originally of Japanese decent, she was adopted by a regular turned Cyber Amazon named Annabel and raised her to become one herself. Her weapons include Cyber Sleeve Cannons, Lazer Katana, a Forcefield Shield, Twin Lazer Pistols and and high heel boots with daggers. She loves to trash talk people that she doesn't like, is a bit stubborn and is the greatest Cyber Amazon Scientist on her island home.
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Glitcha is a masteress of cyber glitches and glitching up all means to technology, but only to uncover what weaknesses they have which she and her foster sister Wirella can then remove from them. Originally a Magitech witch, she is now the greatest Cyber Amazon Scientist on Mechasara; she also has the power to teleport herself and others into virtual reality, the digital world and into cyberspace.
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