DC's Justice League is a cartoon animated television series which based on the DC comics team of the same name.

Characters Edit

Brian Blooms as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Anthony Ruivivar as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Tar Platt as Princess Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman,

Troy Baker as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern,

Justin Chambers as Barry Allen/Flash

Scott Rummell as Orm/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Kevin Michael Richardson as J'onn J'onzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter,

Chris Diamantopoulos as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Grey Griffin as Dinah Lance/Black Canary,

Hynden Walch as Koriand'aStarfire,

Greg Cipes as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy,

Ashley Johnson as

Ashley Tisdale as

Bruce Greenwood as

Keith David as

Steven Blum as Joker,

Kevin Grevioux as

Scott Menville as

S. Scott Bullock as

Tara Strong as

Khary Patyon as

Chris Hardwicks as

Ron Perlman as Shade Wilson/Deathstroke

David Kuafman as

Cathy Cavadini as

Rob Paulsen as

Linda Cardellini as

Susan Eisenberg as

Edward Anser as

Fred Tatasciore as

Kevin Convoy as

Mark Hamill as Joker,

Armin Shimmerman as

Nicole Oliver as

Udo Kier as

Josh Keaton as

Oded Fehr as

Nika Futterman as

Eliza Dushku as

Alan Ritchson as

Yuri Lowenthal as

Deedee Margo Hall as

Scott Menville as

C. Thomas Howell as Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash

Michael C. Hall as

Benjamin Diskin as

Jeremy Piven as

Michaela Deitz as

Peter Jessop as

James Masters as

Jennifer Paz as

Laura Bailey as

Laura Post as

Carlos Alazraqui as

Noël Wells as

Keith Silverstein as

Keith Szarabajka as

René Auberjonois as

Kate Higgins as

James Arnold Taylor as

André Sogliuzzo as

Cree Summer as

Eric Loomis as

Adrian Pasdar as

Lauren Tom as

Elisabeth Moss as

Diedrich Bader as

Erica Luttrell as

Elizabeth Daily as

Tin Curry as

Jonathan Adams as

Jon Curry as

Roger Craig Smith as

Cindy Robinson as

Rick D. Wasserman as

Travis Willingham as

María Canals Barrera as

Carl Lumbry as

Dee Bradley Baker as

George Newbaum as

Christopher McDowell as

Malcolm McDonald as

Christopher McDonald as

Richard McGonagle as

John DiMaggio as

Mary Elizabeth McGylnn as

James Woods as

Michael Jai White as

Kari Whalgren as

Keri Russell as

Rosario Dawson as

Dana Delany as

Tom Kane as

Bumper Robinson as

Drake Bell as

Jeff Bennett as

Debi Derryberry as

Nathan Fillion as

Peter MacNicol as

Jeffrey Combs as

Peter Cellum as

Susan Blu as

Michael Dorn as

Christina Hendricks as

C.C.H. Prounder as Amanda Weller,

Frank Welker as

Neil Patrick Harris as

George Takei as

Wade Williams as

Corey Burton as

Grant George as

Corey Feldman as

Seth MacFarlane as

Rachael MacFarlane as

Gregg Berger as

Seth Green as

Rachel Quaintance as

Jim Ward as

Vanessa Marshell as

Wally Wingert as

Colleen Villard as

Xander Berkeley as

Jim Cummings as

Steven Weber as

Tom Kenny as

Charlie Adler as

James Marsters as

Thomas F. Wilson as

Matt Ryan as

Trevor Darvell as

J.B. Blanc as

Benjamin Bratt as

Tamara Taylor as

Phil Morris as Vandal Savage

Danica McKellar as

Stephanie Lemelin as

April Steward as

Stephanie Sheh as

April Winchell as

Sean Donnell as

Jerry O'Connell as

Justin Kirk as

Michael Rosenbaum as

Kath Soucie as

J.K. Simmons as

Adam West as

Dave B. Mitchell as Basil Karlo/Clayface

Kari Wuhrer as

Brian T. Delaney as Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Melissa Disney as

Michael Gough as

Rino Romano as

Sam Riegel as

Eric Lopez as

Jake T. Austin as

Lacey Chabert as

Chris Cox as

Max Mittelman as

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Origins, Pt. 1:
  2. Origins, Pt. 2:

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

Season 5 Edit

Season 6 Edit

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