Dclegends barbara

DC Legends: Barbara Gordon (also simply known as Barbara Gordon) is a TV series, focused on the adventures of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of the Comissioner Gordon. This series was the first one in the DC Legends continuity, a sequence of tv series based on DC Comics characters, airing at the ficticious Warner Bros. streaming service.


After three years of study and secret training at England, Barbara Gordon returns to Gotham City. Atormented by the death of her mother and the violence in Gotham, Barbara slowly decides to take the mantle of the Batgirl, a younger female counterpart to the Batman. She needs to pretend to be the perfect daughter at morning and fight against the forces of evil by night.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Sins of The Night

Episode 2: Poisonous Game

Episode 3: I Hate Dresses

Episode 4: The Path Not Taken

Episode 5: Windows

Episode 6: Wanted

Episode 7: Daddy's Little Girl

Episode 8: Mirror Wounds

Episode 9: Rematch

Episode 10: Last Hope

Episode 11: Reinforcements

Episode 12: Batgirl, Part I

Episode 13: Batgirl, Part II

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