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DC Legends: Green Arrow (also simply known as Green Arrow) is a TV series, focused on the adventures of Oliver Queen, a playboy who slowly turns into a hero. This series was the second one in the DC Legends continuity, a sequence of tv series based on DC Comics characters, airing at the ficticious Warner Bros. streaming service.


We are introduced to the frivolous playboy and reckless thrill-seeker, Oliver Queen. His origin story starts off with his desire to get away from his life. He sets out on a sea voyage with his trusted bodyguard and friend, Hackett. Much to Oliver's surprise Hackett betrayed him and before he knew it, he found himself stuck on an island. On the island, Oliver begins to find himself. With only a bow and a handful of arrows at his disposal, he sharpens his skills and learns to treasure the things he has. Oliver then returns to Star City, where he must discover what it means to be a hero and what it means to be, Green Arrow.

We also are introduced to his sidekicks Roy Harper, Artemis Crock and Oliver's future lover Dinah Lance.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Lost in Paradise

Episode 2: Oleander

Episode 3: The Returned

Episode 4: Street Test

Episode 5: Stars

Episode 6: Manhunt

Episode 7: Bullet Holes

Episode 8: By the Hood

Episode 9: Speedy

Episode 10: End of The Tunnel

Episode 11: Flight

Episode 12: The Art of Combat, Part I

Episode 13: The Art of Combat, Part II

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