DC Xtreme is the DC answer to the Ultimate Marvel universe where its re-imagine most of the characters of the DC Comics.

Comics Edit

Superman Xtreme Edit

After being born with those extraordinary powers, Clark Kent become Metropolis' greatest superhero, Superman where he battles various villains such as Zod, Livewire, Bizarro, Parasite, and many others.

Batman Xtreme Edit

After the death of his parents and also learning that they were Batman and Batwoman, billionaire Bruce Wayne trains himself to become the second Batman where he protects Gotham City from crime bosses and villains.

Wonder Woman Xtreme Edit

After returning American pilot Steve Trevor return to "Man's World", Amazonian princess Diana become the superheroine know as Wonder Woman where she battles villains.

Green Lantern Xtreme Edit

Hal Jordon, the best pilot Ferris' Aircraft has become himself becoming the Green Lantern after getting a ring by dying alien Abin Sur and defeating Sinestro.

Flash Xtreme Edit

While working a bit late at Mercury Labs, scientist Barry Allen was struck by lightning where he was giving superhuman speed where he uses his powers for good as the Flash.

Aquaman Xtreme Edit

After learning that he is half-Atlantian, Arthur Curry become the king of Atlantis where he later become Aquaman after he stops his evil half-brother, Ocean Master from killing all of humankind.

Justice League Xtreme Edit

After defeating criminal mastermind Maxwell Lord, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman formed together as the Justice League where they battles villains around the world.

Martian Manhunter Xtreme Edit

After being first appears in Justice League Xtreme, J'onn J'onzz continues being his human alter ego, John Jones while also saving in the city of New York City in secrets as the Martian Manhunter.

Green Arrow Xtreme Edit

Teen Titans Xtreme Edit

When an group of young teenage superheroes decides to band together a team know as the Teen Titans where they battles enemies.

Superman/Batman Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

When Maxwell Lord hypnotized Superman to attacks both Metropolis and Gotham City where Batman must free Superman from Maxwell's control.

Captain Marvel Xtreme Edit

The Brave and the Bold Xtreme Edit

Firestorm Xtreme Edit

After being first appears in The Brave and the Bold Xtreme, Ronnie Reynolds and Professor Martin Stein continues being the nuclear superhero, Firestorm where they works together to battles enemies while trying to keep Firestorm as they biggest secrets to everyone.

Doom Patrol Xtreme Edit

Blue Beetle Xtreme Edit

Hawkman and Hawkwoman Xtreme Edit

Batwoman Xtreme Edit

Invasion! Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

When an army of maleviolent aliens know as the Dominators come to Earth to dominated its. But, the heroes of Earth refuse to give ups and battles the Dominators in order to save the planet.

Hawk and Dove Xtreme Edit

Outsiders Xtreme Edit

Young Justice Xtreme Edit

Supergirl Xtreme Edit

Trinity Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

When Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman has find themselves being framed of crimes that they didn't commit. Now on the run, the three heroes must find out who framed them and clear their names. Than, they soon learn that its was Superman's evil clone, Bizarro is behind all of this with the helps of evil clones of Batman and Wonder Woman, Batzarro and Bizarra.

Green Lantern Corps Xtreme Edit

Birds of Prey Xtreme Edit

Static Shock Xtreme Edit

Suicide Squad Xtreme Edit

When an group of villains decides to band together a team know as the Suicide Squad where they plan of killing each every heroes on Earth.

Forever Evil Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

When most of the Justice League's members mysterious disappears, the remaining hero of Earth must defeats an entire army of supervillains know as the Legion of Doom while also trying to find out where did the Justice League go.

Metal Men Xtreme Edit

After being appears in Forever Evil Xtreme, the Metal Men continues saving the world from villains.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

Maxwell Lord captured and brainwash the Teen Titans to attacks the Justice League, one by one. Now, the founding members of the team must free the titans from Lord's control and defeats Maxwell, too.

Darkseid Rising Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

Justice Society Xtreme Edit

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

When the Suicide Squad become a major threat to them, the Justice League must take action by stopping them before they can kills them one by one.

Legends of Tomorrow Xtreme Edit

Legion of Superheroes Xtreme Edit

War of the Gods Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

Superboy Xtreme Edit

Justice League vs. Justice Society Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

New Suicide Squad Xtreme Edit

After the Suicide Squad disbanded after the events of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Xtreme, an new Suicide Squad decides to take their place of killing every heroes on Earth. But will they win what the original squad fails to do?

Underworld Unleashed Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

Bat Family Xtreme Edit

Justice League Dark Xtreme Edit

Freedom Fighters Xtreme Edit

Extreme Justice Xtreme Edit

L.A.W. Xtreme Edit

Justice League/Freedom Fighters Xtreme (Mini-Series) Edit

Our Worlds at War Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

Sentinels of Magic Xtreme Edit

Justice League Europe Xtreme Edit

New Justice League International Xtreme Edit

Justice War Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

One Year Later Xtreme (Limited Series) Edit

The All-New Brave and the Bold Xtreme Edit

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