Vital statistics
Real Name: Damian Wayne

Current Alias:



Bat Clone


Bruce Wayne (Genetic template/"father");
Dick Grayson (adoptive brother);
Jason Todd (adoptive brother);
Tim Drake (adoptive brother);


Batman Family, Wayne Enterprises, League of Assassins (formerly)




April 22, 2004



Base of Operations:

Wayne Manor, Batcave, Gotham City, Gotham


Identity: Secret Identity
Nationality: American

Marital Status:

Education: Student


Physical attributes


Gender: Male
Height: 5' 3"


100 lbs (45 kg)
Eyes: Hazel


Skin: White, fair

Unusual Features:

Multiple scars
Universe: Earth-77
Place of Birth: Cadmus Labs cloning facility
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Damian Wayne is the clone of Batman, his existence was kept secret until 2017. Eventually he became the third Robin.


Damian is very much a different Robin than Dick Grayson. He is entitled, egotistical, condescending, rude, and unafraid to express his opinions. He is somewhat temperamental if not outright violent when confronted by his enemies. He is shown to commit to the League of Assassins' code, which unlike those of his father, permits and encourages the murdering of one's enemies. He completely understands sarcasm, and isn't pleased when Alfred is being sarcastic at him. Damian, due to being raised with a focus on martial ability with no regard for social abilities. However, since being taken under his genetic template's wing, he has tried very much to reign in his rage and aggression, often repeating the mantra, "Justice, not vengeance," when he catches himself in the mindset of a killer.

Damian grew up to believe that he was raised for the sole purpose of leading humanity along side, Ra's al Ghul, because of this his entire childhood was comprised of rigorous training that would turn him into a living weapon, this along with his mother, and grandfathers twisted influence resulted in Damian developing a cold and cruel personality that made him think highly of himself. At the start of the film Damian shows little respect for the lives that are around him, going as far as killing a villain on sight once they proved to be of no use to him or when he attacked Knightwing without hesitation rather than taking a moment to identify him as an enemy. Damian has no patience and is quick to act without thinking resulting in him making a situation more complicated than it already is and making it more difficult for him to solve things, when Damian accompanied batman to investigate the Gotham Coliseum Damian tried to rush in without even noticing that there were cameras monitoring the area. Damian also has little respect for privacy, he took a sword that was a family heirloom of his fathers and used it to chop bushes for practice, hacked into his own fathers files from the batcave to obtain information, and even entered his fathers business office to view the company that he believed would be his to own in the future. He is easy to defy those around him if his terms are not meet, he was even quick to defy his own father numerous time. He is stubborn and has a hard time listening to others when he has done something wrong, he also has a hard time understanding sarcasm but plays it off as if he knew.

Despite his flaws, Damian is still just a child who desires the approval of his parents and tries desperately to live up to the confidence his father has that he can do good in the world if he would just learn to restrain himself. After the death of his mother, Damian finally has a heart-to-heart with Bruce, but it is yet to be seen how this will affect their relationship.

Damian, however, does seem to have a sense of understanding and is wiling to set his ego aside in order to complete a task and let someone else take the lead, mainly his father. After a while Damian begins to take note of the heroic deeds his father has to face and the things needed to be done in order to accomplish them. Damian develops respect for his father and was even willing to stay with him rather than go with his mother. Damian continues to make improvements in himself as a result of igniting hero work, he begins to understand the difference between seeking justice rather than vengeance and even begins to have second thoughts in the beliefs that he was taught during his time in the League of Assassins. Damian also gains more compassion and understanding, so much in fact that he now sees his mothers villainous deeds as cruel and heartless, something he would have been alright with and done himself long ago.

Raven explains to Damian that during her time healing his wounds she learned about his life and explained to him that although he was insufferable he had a kind and generous soul, this was something that Damian did not know about himself.

When at first when the fighting starts, he becomes practically feral. In the first movies Damian lacks emotional tact and the ability to interact with other human beings, mainly due to being groomed to one day inherit the League of Assassins.

Damian has gotten used to socializing with others, but is still a dick. He appears close to Raven, who also has family problems. He also does not like to change out of his Robin uniform unless needed; he once commented that he only changes clothes when its time for him to bathe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Peak Human Condition: Damian is more physically powerful than most humans and all his physical capabilities are beyond normal human ability.
    • Strength: Despite his size, weight and frame, Damian has the strength that matches or even surpasses most full grown man, allowing him to easily overpower larger and heavier opponents.
    • Agility: Damian was able to fight his father in mid-air, as well as on several different buildings. Damian is highly capable of acrobatic and gymnastic feats, such as parkour and free-running.
    • Resilience: Damian can take far more punishment that normal people, such as being hit by larger and heavier opponents without being weakened by it.
    • Enhanced Mobility: Damian can move and react faster than even his father like Damian catches Deathstroke's sword. Partially justified since his gauntlets are shown to be armored.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Damian can exert himself for far longer than even his father.
  • Artistry: Damian is considered as skilled with a brush as he is with a sword.
  • Business Management: Trained in the way of controlling a company with an iron grip. Even as a young boy he knows that in business there are wars and even in war there are assassins. Damian is involved with the Wayne Enterprises' board members. He even intimidated the board members by tracking down financial irregularities within the Wayne Enterprises' accounts.
  • Martial Arts: As a clone of Batman, Damian has stated he knows just as many martial arts as Batman and can use them more effectively. This may be a largely overstated comment but one should not ask for verification. Damian may not be physically tough but he knows how to control his weight and has stated that he knows, "one thousand ways to kill a man." Damian's memory flash training has made him a formidable hand-to-hand combatant able to defeat or hold his own against multiple opponents, armed opponents or skilled hand-to-hand combatants.
  • Mimicry: Damian can imitate anyone's voice and speech patterns perfectly as he imitated Tim Drake's voice in order to gain access to the Batcave.
  • Stealth: Damian was able to sneak into Gotham City and furthermore into the Batcave virtually undetected until he felt necessary. Of all the Robins, Damian may be the one that is the most silent.
  • Swordsmanship: Damian assaulted both Tim Drake and Bruce Wayne on separate occasions with his sword, apparently the same sword used by Ra's al Ghul. Although Damian no longer uses his sword he may be unmatched with one if armed correctly.
  • Throwing: Damian was trained by Batman in Batarang throwing.


  • This design belongs to Phil Cho on Deviantart.
  • Robin is voiced by Tara Strong.


  • Damian has a strong love for animals

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