Detective Comics: Red Robin & Blue Bird Edit

Writer: Riderfan215

Art: Dustin Nguyen

Detective Comics: Red Robin & Blue Bird is a 2016 comic book published by DC comics. It is written by Riderfan215 with art by Dustin Nguyen.

Summary Edit

After the Teen Titans break up, Tim Drake returns to Gotham. When he catches Cullen Row robbing a museum, Red Robin teams up with Blue Bird to discover who or what made Cullen commit the crime

Detective Comics: Red Robin & Blue Bird #1: Spellbound, Part One Edit

Cullen Row dressed in the garish pink costume of the Flamingo breaks into a museum and steals a diamond.

He makes it back to the rooftop when Red Robin arrives. He fights with Cullen and subdues him. After returning the diamond, Red Robin drags Cullen back to his and Harper’s home.

When Cullen comes to, he seems disoriented and confused. He claims, upon interrogation from Red Robin that he doesn’t remember anything. He flirts with Red Robin, who tells him firmly that he’s not interesting in having anything shoved up his butt. Cullen finally shuts up.

Tim consults with Harper, who says that Cullen hasn’t been doing anything unusual lately, and that robbing museums is completely out of character for him.

Red Robin and Blue Bird go on patrol. Blue Bird tells Tim that he hurt Cullen’s feelings by snubbing his romantic advances. Tim protests that he’s not into men. Harper replies that there are nicer ways of telling someone they’re not gay than ‘I don’t want anything shoved up my butt.’ Tim gets an alert for a robbery and the duo moves into action.

Red Robin and Blue Bird crash into the same museum that Cullen tried to rob through the ceiling and find that this robbery is being committed by Spoiler.

After a brief fight, Spoiler is brought out of her trance, and like Cullen, she knows nothing of what she was just doing.


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