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EarthNumber Earth-77
Aliases Earth-SevenSeven
Status Existing

Earth-77 is a reality similar to New Earth, Prime Earth, Arkhamverse, Burtonverse, Nolanverse, Gothamverse, and the DCAU.

Points of InterestEdit


  • Atlantis is the name of a continent located in the North Atlantic Ocean and represents one of the earliest and most highly advanced cultural societies on Earth. Untold millennia ago, groups of pilgrims settled in the greater Atlantean region establishing twelve distinctive communities, a few of which evolved into the city-states now known as Poseidonis and Tritonis. Many believe that the original twelve settlements represented the twelve signs of the Zodiac.


  • Bialya is located in the Middle East north of Iran and Saudi Arabia. During the Cold War, the country was little more than an arid desert, with a small struggling populace. Captain Nathaniel Adam spent some time stationed in Bialya some time prior to volunteering for the "Captain Atom Project".
  • Del Canto, in South America, was a dictatorship which used metahuman enforcers to suppress dissent, during the administration of Victor Blasco.
  • Diabloverde
  • Hasaragua
  • Kahndaq is an Arab country on the continent of Africa located between Egypt and Jordan. It is ruled by the antihero Black Adam, and is one of the countries that spearheaded the Freedom of Power Treaty. Its capital city is named Shiruta. At least one of its official languages is Arabic.
  • Kravia
  • Oolong Island is a remote region previously operated by the mutated scientist known as Chang Tzu. Used as a base of operations for criminal geniuses, it became a haven for various intellectual minds to engage in their chosen arts
  • Qurac held a strong anti-US policy and was a major sponsor of terrorism directed against the West. Qurac was the home base for the meta-human terrorist group the Jihad until their base was destroyed by the Suicide Squad.
  • Santa Bertriza, in South America, was a dictatorship which used metahuman enforcers to suppress dissent, during the administration of Paco de la Fuente.
  • Santa Prisca



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