Country Name Edenia
Continental location Americas
Leader(s) * Poison Oak (King)
Race(s) Edenians
Status Thriving

Edenia is the name of an island located within the Caribbean. It is the inhabitants of the genetically engineered Edenians.


Edenia was originally the sight of many honeymoons for the wealthy Harrison Family. Oakland Harrison (Known by the name of Poison Oak), utilized the island and settled within the honeymoon sight of many ancestors before him. He had modified the castle which was already there and created a bio-genetics laboratory within it's catacombs.

Birth of the EdeniansEdit

Within his new laboratory, Oak had sought to combine the DNA of floral life with that of Human DNA. 9 attempts were made and not one bared any fruit of his labor, however this changed when the hybrid DNA was dropped into a bath tub size amount of chlorophyll which spawned the first Edenians. The first 2 were both male and female, which made Oak have them mate and conceive more like themselves and him creating more from what poured into the tub.


After the creation of the new race, Oak was worshipped by his creations as their god and ruled over them. He also created their unique form of life style as well. Eventually though, Oak found that he was telepathically linked to the eco-terrorist of Gotham City known by all as Poison Ivy. He headed to Gotham alone and returned with Ivy after encountering Hybrid. Once there, the Edenians immediately hailed Poison Ivy as their new queen.

Present DayEdit

Edenia has become a reliable and very helpful island based country, as well as an empire of it's own design.


On the island of Edenia, there are a variety of different locations where the Edenians are known to thrive. One of the biggest is their main capital.

The Eve PalaceEdit


The medieval castle located on the island known as "The Eve Palace" is the home of the Edenian King and Queen. It is also the location of many Edenians who serve and protect their rulers. It used to serve as a honeymoon spot for the Harrison Family for centuries. This however changed when Poison Oak arrived on the island and modified the catacombs of the palace where he created the Edenians.

The palace is known to also be a fortification in case Edenia was ever the subject of invading forces. The location has been reinforced with Metallo alloy coated in the rocks and stones of the palace. This makes it highly resistant to blasts ranging from a hydrogen blast to the strength of the near-invincible Doomsday.