General Information
Homeworld Earth
Habitat Lush Forests of Edenia
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Diet herbivorous
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Thriving
Created by Poison Oak

Edenians (A.K.A "Plant People") are a race of genetically modified humanoid lifeforms created by Poison Oak on the island of Edenia.


In his laboratory within the medieval castle on the island of Edenia, Poison Oak sought to combining the DNA of plants with the DNA of human beings. After attempting 9 times to create such a being, Oak decided to give up on the project. This was until the hybrid DNA was poured into a tub of chlorophyll where the 2 first Edenians emerged. After the creation of the first male and female Edenians, Oak sought to make more with the recipe and therefore also allow the species to mate and produce more of itself.

Throughout the next several years, Edenians grew in population and worshipped Poison Oak as their god and ruler. He also assisted in the creation of a lifestyle that fit the needs of his new species.


After discovering his telepathic link to his mate Poison Ivy, the Edenian ruler headed for Gotham and brought back with him his beautiful queen. They married there on the island and the Edenian people worshipped their new goddess and ruler with the words "All HAIL THE QUEEN!".


The Edenians are known to look like any other human being, however they have plant green skin which makes them extremely different. They also have different colored hair each time; this represents the color flower they are supposed to be in nature. Also most of the Edenians possess yellow-green eyes, no one else has different colored eyes, however there are rare cases of the color that their hair is can in fact a lighter green when they are born and their eyes represent the flower they are supposed to be in nature. They are known to be a quarter stronger than a regular human being is and are a quarter faster as well. Their senses are heightened to a point almost pushing superhuman level as well and can see in 2 kinds of sights; regular sight and Green Vision.

Their durability is 10-20% more than a human's however that is not very helpful against powerful enemies. They are also known to have a quarter of enhanced human leap and even possess a healing factor faster than a human's. They are also known to be natural solar batteries, which in turn allows them to conduct the phases of photosynthesis; which produces chlorophyll in their bodies. They are usually tall and upright, as well as able to walk and run; even think, speak and remember. The blood in their body is known to be nothing more than clear, thick aloe and that keeps them from getting burned easily in the daylight.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Longevity: Because many plants are long living, these beings are no exception to the rule and because they feed everyday on Chlorophyll, makes them capable of living longer.
  • Floral Empathy: Because of their connection with a plant force known as "The Green" the Edenians are capable of recognizing what certain plants are feeling.
  • Chlorokinesis: Like the rulers they worship, the Edenians are capable of controlling and or manipulate plants to do what they wish.
  • Immunity to Toxins/Disease: Because of their crossbreeded biology, the Edenians are known to possess a natural immunity to poisons, toxins, viruses, certain fungi and even bacterial infections.
  • Shapeshifting: Because of their natural and organic biology, Edenians are known to shape their form into anyone or anything they see or think of, as well as hold that form for large amounts of time.


  • Solar Energy Deprivation: Being a floral humanoid, Edenians rely on the needs of solar energy that keeps them nourished with chlorophyll and strong. Being without sunlight for long periods of time can prove to be fatal.
  • Salt Water: Edenians are a species created from fresh water based floral life, which means they rely on the use of fresh water to drink and swim within. Salt Water on the other hand causes this species to dehydrate very quickly and if not exposed to fresh water, this species will die.
  • Electricity: A species relying on water to live is very vulnerable to watts of electrical energy. It's enough to incapacitate or kill this species.
  • Physical Cheimatophobia: Floral species around the world hate cold temperatures physically and as a result, there is no acceptations for the Edenians. This species cannot survive out of their tropical or semi-tropical environment.


Like all beings the Edenians are known to be a species possessing sexual reproduction between 2 parents. When their children are born, each child immedietly has their own ideas on the perfect mate and when they reach their maturity, they are said to seek out that said mate in turn. Once their mate is found, that mate must also have the same ideas on mate that they have been chosen by in order to feel the connection between them.

Mating & BirthEdit

Like regular humans, the Edenians mate in the same exact way. They can also mate with other species, however there are some that are simply not compatible with the Edenians; such as beings that are 1% more oxygen and beings made up of more than 1 race, like the Tri-Breed.

Like the humans, the females go through the same impregnation stages, however they are far more quicker than the human female during their pregnancy. The Edenian females already with child are said to go through their trimesters in less than 9 months; in fact it takes them at least 9 weeks for their offspring to grow. Once the 9 weeks are up exactly, the female will give birth to their children.



Their government is known to be that of a monarchistic Democracy; meaning that there is a royal family that rules a free society. Their economics are mainly capitalistic and are known to use precious metals for currency due to the fact the island has the largest concentration of both Silver and Gold.


The Edenians are said to be a very ecological as well as peaceful people; who in turn do not wish to fight unless necessary and believe in everything green. They usually despise races of beings that have technologies which in turn can pollute such as the conventional human technology; but they are usually friendly and welcome beings with technology eco-friendly in nature. They believe their rulers to be their gods which in turn is somewhat true.


The military of the Edenians are said to be known as a strong and persistant army, which in turn gives them an edge on the battlefield. Usually whenever male children are born, mostly between the months of June and July; these males are usually bred for war and are trained at a young age against the elements and how to survive against enemies powerful than them.

Courtship & MarriageEdit

The Edenians are said to be very sensual after finding their ideal mate and once that happens, they are known to both use their empathic capabilities which in turn allows them to transfer a copy of their life into them and vice versa. That night, the male and female are said to decide whether to mate before or after they marry. Their marriage is what occurs the next morning after they meet and find their ideal mate; their main goal is to make it a surprise to their parents and are married in a private ceremony so no one can break them apart. Usually after being married, they perform the ritual of the honeymoon and after are said to return; both married and mated, ready to introduce their husband or wife to their parents.


Edenians are usually known to have either little to no clothing on, making the species either semi-nudist or completely nudist. They have no need of clothes and in fact encourage nudity, although that doesn't stop others from wearing clothes. If they do wear clothes they are usually composed of leafs and are made to be small.



They are said to despise the uses of fossil fuels, instead they use vegetable oil as fuel because it is harmless to the environment they live in and they produce more than anywhere else in the world. Any kind of crystals that are non-pollutant in nature are also used as well. They also utilize fireflies for light during the night, however some are known to use naturally green glowing crystals called "Edenian Crystals" for light as well.


Because of their connections with the plants around them, the Edenians are said to utilize large trees as homes and each family has their own tree to live in.

Weapons & ArmorEdit

Because of them despising the uses of gunpowder, explosives and even heavy metals, the Edenians utilize both melee and long ranged weapons. Their weapons are usually either plants and even made of wood; however there are also weapons that are made with less plastics, as reliable as any weapon on the planet and uses solar energy for power; that weapon is the OM-13. Usually they never use weapons because of 2 reasons; one is the fact that they are known to be peaceful people and two because they will not use them unless it is absolutely necessary.

The armor of the Edenians are said to made of bark, however are said to put a certain metal compound into the armor combination; in turn strenghtening the bark's durability.


The transportation of the Edenians are said to walk, however there are in fact vehicles that run on either their non-pollutant crystals or the vegetable oil they produce.