Ethan Prescott is a teenage member of the red lantern

before the lantern corpsEdit

Before being chosen by the ring Ethan has been filled with undying rage by other students in high school. He has been a victim of insurrection, bullying and so much more

during the lantern corpsEdit

because of his passive rage, his lantern ring chose him to become the next red lantern. After arriving on ysmault, he became Atrocitus' apprentice. After failing to express his rage, Blez arrives and taunts him. After reminding Ethan of the bullies that tormented him and his former friends who betrayed him, Ethan explodes with anger and almost kills bleez.

black lantern corpsEdit

After a black lantern kills Ethan's mentor, Ethan's anger peaks and becomes the "fury red lantern", a very powerful form of the red lantern that can destroy a planet in a matter of minutes.


Red lantern: Ethan's normal lantern form

fury red lantern: a form that Ethan takes when his fury peaks. This form covers his body with red lantern energy and gives him skeletal wings. this form is powerful enough to destroy a planet in minutes.

super red lantern: the ultimate form of red lantern. This form is a result of wearing ten lantern rings. Only a lantern with rage powerful enough can take this form.

Butcher form : This is the form he takes when he is possessed by the rage entity known as the butcher. Since  can't control himself in this form, he fights his fellow teen titans members while in this form

White lantern form: This is the form he takes while wearing the white lantern ring

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