Flash Xtreme is a comic book series which featuring the most fastest man alive, the Flash. Its set in the DC Xtreme universe.

Story Arcs Edit

The Fastest Man Alive (1-4) Edit

Story Plot: Scientist Barry Allen has find himself working a bit late at S.T.A.R. Labs. While working a bit late, Barry was struck by lightning where he weaken to be in the hospital where he was shocked to see that has superhuman speed, he decides to uses his powers for good after he quickly stopping bank robbers, he decides to become the Flash. While that, Murmur, an murderer from Barry's pasts, has escapes from Iron Heights where Barry wanders if he would kills him for killing his parents when he was young or not.

Introducing Characters: Barry Allen/Flash, Henry Allen (appears in flashbacks), Nora Allen (appears in flashbacks), Iris West, Professor Joe West,

Villain: Bank Robbers, ???

Locations: S.T.A.R. Labs, Central City, Iron Heights, Barry Allen's House (both appears in main story and flashbacks), Graveyard, Murmur's Hideout, Central City Bank

Death: Henry Allen, Nora Allen


Story Plot:

Introducing Characters:



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