The Grim Reaper is a Fan Character in the Batman Universe.

Origin Edit

The Grim Reaper (Real Name, Wilhelm Jacobs) was born in Germany, who enjoyed reading books in His youth, especially Grimm's Fairy Tales. but when He was 10, Wilhelm's Father, Erwin and Wilhelm's Mother, Nora was in a car accident, and put into a coma. Wilhelm, knowing that He'll be put in an orphanage in Estonia, whose owner is a slave-driver. after six months, Wilhelm decided that He has had enough and puts on a black cloak to cover His identity, while taking photographs of the Owner's cruelty toward the orphans and anonymously gives them to the police. Wilhelm left and returned home to Germany, however, When He visits the hospital where His parents are, They are still in a coma, making Wilhelm think They died, ran away in tears. At 15, Wilhelm decided to come to America to find His calling. but when He sees Missing Posters for Wilhelm's return, Wilhelm not wanting to return, had no alternative to turn to a life of crime.

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