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Injustice Batgirl vs. The Joker

Batgirl VS Joker

Batgirl harley redux by msciuto-d4rpibc

Harley Quinn: Batgirl

Harley Quinn dawns the Batgirl suit while she and The Joker keep Barbra Gordan hostage for fifteen months.

Batman: A Clown In The Family!Edit

Part One: The Other Batgirl. With both Barbra and Harley presumed dead in "Bird's of Prey: Girl Fights" while in a burning building, a new Batgirl began showing up about a week later, and neither Batman nor anyone else were able to find out who she is for over a year. However, her true identity was soon revealed in part two, exactly fourteen in a half months after the Bird's of Prey comicbook.

Part Two: Unmasked.

After Nightwing accidentally unmasked The New Batgirl while helping her off the ground when she tripped and fell on her face, she is revealed to be none other than Harley Quinn, the Jokers wife. A fight between the two soon began, but it was Batman who was finally able to defeat her. At Arkham, she told Batman, Nightwing and Robin that both she and the true Batgirl survived, and that the Joker has her; however, she refused to reveal where their still very much alive friend is being kept.

Part Three: Where is Barbra?

Two weeks have passed, and still no Barbra Gordan, but Harley Quinn leaves a clue before escaping Arkham Asylum. The Caped Crusaders soon find the Joker's hideout, where they uncovered an old movie projector and played it. To their horror, the movie showed a very pregnant Batgirl wearing her mask, gloves, boots a hospital bracelet and hospital gown, as she was giving birth to The Jokers son with the help of Dr. Joker and Nurse Harley before allowing her to nurse the baby. Robin soon found a secret passage way to where the Joker could be holding Batgirl, it was obviously a trap. After dodging at least seventeen different traps and obstacles, they finally made it to Batgirl, who knocked out Robin with a metal poll and was obviously suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Batman and Nightwing took on both Joker and a crazy Batgirl and eventually defeated them both. Robin woke up with the only injuries being a nasty broose, and soon found where the baby was being kept, before introducing it to Batman and Nightwing.

Part Four: Adoption.

It took three weeks but Batbra Gordan was finally back to normal, more or less. She didn't want anything to do with her and Jokers baby, so she gave him up for adoption. Ten years later, with Damien Wayne going from Robin to Red Nightwing, a deranged little boy started causing mayhem and destruction in Gotham City. When all four Caped Crusaders finally caught up with him on top of a building, they saw him dressed like a ten year old version of The Joker. Thats when The Joker and Harley Quinn came out of the shadows and introduced him as Joker Jr, Son of The Joker. 

Part Five: Revaluation.

After meeting her son for the first time in ten years, Batgirl took him on while the other Caped Crusaders dooked it out with Harley and The Joker. She tried to reason with the little boy as they fought, but the moment that Joker Jr stabbed his mother through her right shoulder and saw her cry he too began to cry before she would finally embrace him and telling him how much she's sorry for failing him as a mother. Joker and Harley Quinn were defeated once again and returned to Arkham Asylum, while Batgirl took her son home with her. After finally earning his trust, little Jo Karson aka Joker Jr finally began to tell his story. Apparently, Joker and Harley found him a month ago, killed his loving foster parents and began to worp his mind until he became the infamous Joker Jr. and started his crazy rampage through Gotham City. Barbra promised that things will be different now, and renamed him Josef Gordan.

Part Six: Secend Chances.

Barbra Gordan new that her son Josef wasn't safe as long as The Joker new where to find him, so she decided to make him and Harley an offer they couldn't refuse; if they didn't promises to leave little Josef alone for good and stay away from him with no contact whatsoever see wouldn't kill the Joker's daughter Dulah Dent. They did not believe in her threat untill Batgirl showed them a picture of Miss. Dent in the same state, room and clothes that she herself was in over ten years ago, just not at all pregnant. Joker and Harley finally promised and to make shure that they keep their word, Barbra/Batgirl gave them both of Miss. Dent's pinkie fingers as a reminder of how far she is now willing to go after what they did to her and to her son. The comic ends with Barbra Gordan taking her son to school like her own parents use to when she was his age, only now realizing it as he walks off to class.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Jo Karson's name is based off of Joker (Jo Ker)'s name.

He still considers Harley Quinn as his wicked stepmother, a pun on Cinderella.

This comicbook mini series would later get a prequel comicbook series lasting 115 issues called "Harley Quinn: Batgirl" after the main character, starting shortly after"Bird's of Prey: Girl Fights" and ending where "A Clown in The Family: Part Two: Unmasked" began.

This is considered the most graffic and darkest Batgirl Story Ark ever.

Unlike his mother, Josef Gordan really does get to live a normal life, permanently.

Joker's daughter does get her two fingers sown back on, and also promises to leave her little half brother alone, permanently.

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