Injustice 2 : Fallen God's is the sequel to Injustice God's Among Us, taking place just two years after the last game and with the return of Superman, Wonder Woman, Killer Frost, Cyborg, Aquaman, Nightwing and their Regime counterparts.
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In story/Playable CharactersEdit

Here's a list of all the playable characters in Injustice 2!
Hero's Alternate Costumes that the hero's and villens have. Total#
Superman Regime Earth 3 Beyond Cyborg Superman Man Of Steel Red Son Super Ranger Blackest Night New 52
Batman Insurgency Earth 3 Beyond Flashpoint Adam West Red Son Jungle Fury Bat Ranger Blackest Night New 52
Wonder Woman Regime Earth 3 Wonder Cheetah Flashpoint Ami Comi Red Son Girl Red Samurai Ranger Pink Lanturn New 52
The Flash Insurgency Earth 3 Reverse Flash Earth 2 Blackest Night Red Son Triassic Ranger Blue Lanturn New 52
Green Lantern Insurgency Earth 3 John Stewart Earth 2 Earth 3 as Yellow Lanturn Red Son Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger Movie New 52
Aquaman Regime Earth 3 Indigo Lanturn Atlantian Armor Blackest Night Red Son Jungle Fury Shark Ranger Movie New 52
Cyborg Regime Earth 3 Flashpoint Earth 2 Robot-Man White Lanturn Ninjor Ninjicon New 52
Nihhtwing ( Damian Wayne ) Insurgency ( Damian Wayne ) Earth 3 Robin ( Damian Wayne ) New 52
 (Villains ) Darkside Regime Earth 3 Earth 2 Dark Kahn New 52
Killer Frost Regime Frost ( Mortal Kombat ) Classic
Cheetah Regime Cheetarah Classic Ani Comi New 52
Deathstroke Insurgency Teen Titans Flashpoint Earth 3 Killshot Red Son Earth 2 Blackest Night New 52
Atrosidus Regime Zord Zedd Movie Lord Zedd ( 1995 )
Black Manta Insurgency Earth 3 Flashpoint Earth 2 New 52
The Joker Insurgency Tourist Final Confrontation Beyond Red Hood Earth 3 Jack Napier Dark Knight Rises New 52
Harley Quin Insurgency Claccic Earth 3  Ani Cimi Flashpoint ( Yo-Yo ) Nurse Harley Dr. Harley Quin Wedding Dress New 52
Cat Woman Insurgency Batman Returns Classic Ani Comi Dark Knight Rises Earth 3 Blackest Night Movie New 52
Captain Cold Insurgency Subzero Flashpoint Earth 2 Cyborg Subzero Earth 3 Classic Subzero Mr. Freeze New 52

DLC Geast CharactersEdit

Here's a list of all the Geast Characters!
Lion-O : Alternate Costumes - 2011 Lion-O Mum Ra : Alternate Costumes - Human Mum Ra
He-Man : Alternate Costumes- Faker, New Adventures and Snakeman Armor Skelitor : Alternate Costumes - New Adventures Cyborg Skelitor ( New Adventures ) and Keldor
Tommy Oliver ( M.M.P.R.Green Ranger ( Super Power Beat Down version )) : Alternate Costumes - Classic Green, M.M.P.R.White ( Super Power Beat Down Version ), Classic White, Movie White ( 1995 ) and Dino Thunder Black Goldar : Alternate Costumes - Classic 1, Classic 2, King Spinks, Movie ( 1995 ) and Neo Goldar
Martian Manhunter : Alternate Costumes - True Martian Form, Insurgency, Earth 3 and Earth 2 Freddy Krueger : Alternate Costumes - Tuxedo, New Nightmare and Yellow Lanturn
The Undertaker ( WWE ) : Alternate Costumes - Taker the biker, WWE Immortals & Blackest Night Jason Voorhees : Alternate Costumes - Cyborg Jason Voorhees, Blackest Night and Solomon Grundy
Stadic Shock : Alternate Costumes - Beyond, Black Lightning and New 52 Lobo : Alternate Costumes - Earth 3, Prison and Earth 2

The Story : Two years after the last game, the Regime Superman, Wonder Woman, Killer Frost, Cyborg and Aquaman broke out of prison and escaped to an alternate universe , where they were all savagely murdered by their more evil counterparts known as the Crime Syndicate, that's when their more good/Justice League counterparts from Earth 1returns from the previous game to once again save another reality from their new evil counterparts.

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