Jason Peter Todd was born to Willis and Catherine Todd and like his Earth One counterpart was a street orphan. Also like his counterpart his father was working for this earth's Two-Face and his mother was a drug addict who died of a drug overdose. This version of Jason was a big fan of Batman and had pictures of him on his wall and stole food from stores to live. But since this earth's Batman died he never met and toke Jason in so Jason lived on the street until his teen years when he became the second Red Hood, after reading about the Joker's accident. So Jason used his Red Hood persona to steal money from stores to pay for the rent, but after the apartment landowner and two police officers arrive at Jason's apartment after seeing him unmask after robbing a store. Jason was able to escape and vanshed into the night. One month later Jason hasn't taken off Red Hood costume and has been searching for Batman and like his counterpart Jason was skilled in detective and found out Bruce Wayne was Batman. So Jason arrived at Wayne Manor, toke off his costume, and waited for Batman to return Jason also discovered an entrance to the Batcave. So when Jason booted up the batcomputers he found a letter from Alfred saying Bruce Wayne is dead. Crushed that his hero is dead Jason sees this as a chance to become the new Batman so for three weeks Jason trains himself with traing videos made by Bruce. Then Jason goes out one night not well trained in a costume similar to his counterpart's Robin costume and trys to stop a gang from robbing a woman. But Jason is shot in the stomach twice and is rushed to the hospital, two days later Jason is realeased from the hospital and returns to the Batcave. Realizing he was not trained well Jason trains for one month and goes back out into the night and finds the gang that shot him. But before Jason attacks them Deathstoke appears and tells Jason how he saw him get shot by the gang, he tells Jason he can train Jason to be better, stronger, faster. Jason not believing in him Deathstroke shows his skills by killing the gang and Jason joins Deathstroke. So for three months Deathstroke trains Jason in fighting, weapons, assasination, and gadgets Jason also trains Deathstroke in detection. After the three months Jason goes back out into the night with a costume similiar to his Red Hood and Robin, he still wears the Red Hood mask with a metal hoodie, carries two pistols, has a big R on the front of his chest, also carries batarangs (to honor Batman), and has the same gloves and cape as his Robin costume. So Deathstroke and Robin go out into the night beginning their adventure.

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