I made them safe. Shielded them. But are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No... They whine. Complain. Side with those criminals. If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them. Metropolis and Gotham. I'll flatten them. Set an example. Then I'll find the dimension these duplicates came from. They'll pay for interfering.
~ Superman explains his motives
Dark Superman
Vital statistics
Real Name: Kal-El (birth)
Clark Joseph Kent (legal)

Current Alias:



Clark White, Commander El, Kal, Gangbuster, Superboy, the Good Samaritan, the Red-Blue Blur, the Blur, Son of Krypton, Man of Steel, Son of El, SuperDeath, Greenhorn, Joe, Clark Joe, God, Winged Demon, The Alien, Smallville,


Jor-El (birth father, deceased);
Lara Lor-Van (birth mother, deceased);
Zor-El (uncle, deceased);
Alura In-Ze (aunt, deceased);
Kara Zor-El (cousin);
Jonathan Kent (adoptive father, deceased);
Martha Kent (adoptive mother, deceased);
El-Kal (clone);
Kon-El (partial clone);
Kem-El (ancestor, deceased);
Rao (ancestor, deceased);
See House of El and Kent Family for extended family line


Phantom Zone Criminals, Regime, Justice League of America, (formerly)




May 31, 1985




May 11, 2017

Base of Operations:

Metropolis, Kansas, Fortress of Solitude, Watchtower, Earth's Moon, Milky Way Galaxy (formerly)


Identity: Public Identity
Nationality: American

Marital Status:

Education: High School graduate; College dropout


Physical attributes


Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 1″


220 lbs (100 kg)
Eyes: Blue


Skin: Fair

Unusual Features:

Universe: Earth-66
Place of Birth: Kryptonopolis, Krypton
Voiced By: Michael Agrusso

Superman, birth name Kal-El and adopted name Clark Kent, is the brutal High Councilor, leader of the Regime. Originally, he was Earth's premiere superhero, but the death of his mother Martha Kent, Koriand'r and the destruction of Metropolis caused him to become a supervillain and subjugate those he once swore to protect.. Initially a tragic character, as time passes, the fallen Man of Steel steadily becomes more and more brutal and fascistic, eventually becoming little more than a psychotic and unforgiving warlord. The exact details of his early superhero career are unknown but it is safe to assume they are the same as his Earth-77 counterpart.


Martha Kent's death shook Superman greatly; the once pure Man of Steel was heartbroken, having been manipulated by Lex into killing his mother. His loss, grief and pain overwhelmed Superman, causing him to forget his hard-taught wholesome values and ethics, turning him corrupt and cruel. From that day forward, Superman decided that criminals would be better off dead, as demonstrated by having brutally killed Lex in a blind rage, which was the first action that led him down the path into a cynical, brutal, hate-filled tyrant. It is heavily implied that the reason why he discarded his wholesome values and ethics is because he blamed them for his unwitting role in the destruction of Metropolis as well as the murder of Martha and Kori, viewing them as weaknesses that ultimately hampered his ability to protect the people of Earth.

The disillusioned Superman's morality became even more warped, where he thought his actions were benefiting the world; in reality, he placed humanity into totalitarian dystopia, controlled by a strong military regime rather than freedom or equal rights and when he discovered the people of Gotham and Metropolis actually feared and hated him rather than worshiped him, he destroyed them without remorse. However, despite his faults, he still shows a great deal of love towards his Mother and Girlfriend and planned to kill the main universe Superman and bring Martha and Kori to his dimension which proves that in spite of his ruthlessness, he was furthermost a damaged, guilt-ridden man.

He does feel remorseful about his misdeeds, but has not recanted any of his thoughts.

After his loyalists were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, Superman, having failed at what he had considered to be the sole purpose of his life, became more brutal and furious than ever in his devastation, and megalomaniacally threatened to personally wipe out the entire human race of Earth in revenge. Since Superman had nothing left to lose, he engaged Earth-77 Batman in a ferocious final duel, refusing to stop unleashing his fury upon humanity, thus inevitably forcing a very reluctant Batman to kill him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Kryptonian Physiology: Clark Kent's cellular structure is much more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. He does not possess superhuman strength levels despite his enhanced cellular ability without his cellular structure charged with yellow solar energy. Without such charging, his physical capabilities are identical to a human of his height and weight who engages in regular physical activity. As an alien, he possesses several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood, but are believed to be part of or the source of his bio-matrix force field and reclamation aura. Superman's body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of his electromagnetic capabilities such as flight, heat vision and other "sight"-based abilities while supplementing his physical abilities to superhuman levels.
    • Solar Radiation Absorption: As a Kryptonian, his cells function like a super battery, hyper metabolizing specific wavelengths of radiation as fuel to enable living functions and/or superhuman abilities. Different wavelengths of radiation have different effects on Superman's physiology and well being, but his cells cannot absorb or utilize all types of radiation. The wavelength of his home solar system's red sun enables his body to function on an identical level of a healthy human while the Earth's solar radiation in both its raw and filtered state through the Earth's atmosphere acts as fuel to enable all of his powers. Every time Superman uses any of his superhuman abilities, his body expends absorbed sunlight and he is capable utilizing any of them to various degrees through controlled circumstances. The solar-based radiation of a foreign blue star proved to increase his known abilities under a yellow sun to a higher degree and enabled additional powers. The existence and constant exposure to proven "healthy" radiation sources is not required for him to live and utilize his powers, but prolonged periods without exposure to them and/or utilizing his powers will require Clark to recharge in order to continue using his powers.
      • Heat Vision: By concentrating every solar energy reserve he has in his body, Clark has the ability to fire thick beams of intense heat at a target by looking at it with the conscious act of activating this power, Visually, the power manifests as two laser-like beams of red laser beams firing from his eyes. These beams can be made less intense, rendering them invisible, allowing Clark to work undetected. He has extremely fine control of this ability, as Superman was able to swiftly cauterize Lois Lane's wound without fatally burning her, for instance. At full power, Clark can utilize his heat vision to instantly disintegrate humans Batman's Insurgency allies in a nightmare vision of a possible future), instantly melt a thick steel beam, swiftly burrow a wide cylindrical passage through an Arctic glacier, momentarily stun other Kryptonians (causing them burning pain on the impact), destroy the Fortress' Genesis Chamber, and even bring down an entire skyscraper in one blast (as evidenced by General Zod doing so to the Wayne Financial Building). However, Superman's heat vision was not quite as powerful as that of Doomsday, seen when the latter's much thicker optical beams were able to relatively quickly overpower his when Superman meet them head-on. Kent can also utilize his heat vision to instantly melt a thick steel beam, Due to his control over the beams, he has demonstrated being capable of burning though stone and welding metal, causing small explosions and fires, and physically repelling enemies with similar durability, making it useful in combat. However, he has personally utilized it for more mundane uses, such as heating up beverages and cooking food.
      • Solar Flare: Superman's last resort power that he'd discovered through his heat vision, was the ability to immediately expel all of his stored solar energy in one gigantic burst of explosive force. This Solar Flare utilizes all the stored energy within his cells at once, allowing for an all out AoE attack. He cannot use it more than once or twice however, as it drains him of all his powers until he can recharge his cells with solar energy. Give or take 24 hours, in that expanse of time, he is rendered virtually human and vulnerable.
    • Superhuman Strength: Superman has a tremendous level of superhuman strength, virtually incalculable, as he is able to lift and carry over millions of tons, and is the physically strongest member of the JLA, with Doomsday and Darkseid being the only known beings to slightly surpass his strength. As a teenager, he was able to push a school bus out of a river and effortlessly bend a solid metal pole just out of clenching his fist in anger. As an adult, even while considerably limited by his mental block, Clark was still incredibly strong, enough to swiftly destroy Ludlow's truck with lumber, to crush an extremely durable Kryptonian Android, and to hold up an oil rig's collapsing drilling derrick, though the latter somewhat strained him. After finally reaching his full potential as Superman, he became considerably stronger, with his punches being powerful enough to generate large shock waves, with him now able to effortlessly kill humans (tearing the heart from Batman's chest in a nightmare vision of a possible future), to effortlessly hurl semi-trucks across extreme distances, to instantly destroy mountain tops, to break through the extremely thick hull of the Black Zero star ship with a light punch, to break out of Kryptonian Liquid Geo constructs, to fight evenly against fellow Kryptonians General Zod, Ursa, and Non (despite them all being considerably more experienced and skilled combatants), to tow a gigantic steamship by its anchor chain through Arctic ice without strain, to shift an entire tectonic plate, and to even stand up against the tremendous force of a World Engine's gigantic gravity beam, and then proceed to fly up against it. Superman also managed to briefly knock the larger Kryptonian Non unconscious with a tremendously mighty punch, Superman was even able to hold his own in a prolonged ferocious battle with the slightly stronger and much larger monster Doomsday (sending him flying with the tremendous might of his blows, and even managing to restrain Doomsday long enough for a nuke to hit them), ultimately bringing the seemingly unstoppable monstrous juggernaut down, albeit only succeeding nearly at the cost of his own life. Hence, even while holding back, Superman still swiftly and easily beat the heavily armored Batman to the ground three times - first sending him flying over 60 feet with a light push, then lightly tossing him down an alleyway, and finally hurling him lightly into the Bat-Signal, shattering it and a large portion of the surrounding roof. Even before fully recovering from a Kryptonite gas attack and regaining only a small fraction of his strength, Superman was already strong enough to block a mighty kick from the armored Batman, and to hurl the latter through a thick concrete wall, both without any strain.
      • Thunderclap: When Clark uses his super strength to clap his hands together, it creates a powerful shockwave that throws enemies back. It also destroy‘s glass, pushes objects away from him, and disorients anyone nearby.
      • Super Leaps: Superman is able to use his incredible strength to perform super jumps, shown when he leaped tremendous distances in the Arctic, while trying to master his power of flight. After having learned how to fly, however, Superman hardly ever uses this power.
    • Invulnerability: Superman's body is nigh-invulnerable, virtually indestructible, so he is nicknamed the "Man of Steel" as a result, being the most durable member of the JLA. Hence, Superman can withstand the extreme heat of an oil rig conflagration (along with said oil rig's collapse), the extreme cold of the Arctic, an exposure to the vacuum of outer space, falls from great heights, a collision with the Batmobile (causing it to harmlessly glance off of him), a high-speed collision with a mountain top (sheering it off in the process), high-caliber bullets (from both military jets and automated machine guns), anti-tank depleted uranium rounds, Maverick missiles, plasma bolts from Tor-An's Kryptonian Dropship, contact with extremely hot constructs of Liquid Geo, numerous mighty blows from fellow Kryptonians (notably surviving a tremendous beating from the combined might of Ursa and Non) and even many tremendously mighty blows from the stronger Doomsday, attacks of other Kryptonians' heat vision (though it does cause him burning pain on contact), and even the full force of a World Engine's colossal gravity beam, specification from a Phantom Zone energy singularity, as well as the stupendously destructive electrical shock wave and thermal blasts from Doomsday, and the full force of a megaton nuke (which did, however, extremely weaken him, if only temporarily, though this may be because he was exposed to Kryptonite gas twice shortly beforehand). While Superman can be affected by the considerable force of powerful impacts, they only at most cause him to stumble and briefly knock him down, leaving him unscathed. The only things capable of breaking through Superman's invulnerability and actually harming him are Aquaman's Trident, Wonder Woman's Godkiller, Batman's Kryptonite sword, and beings of comparable incalculable strength (such as other Kryptonians, Olympian Gods, the New God Darkseid, or the monster Doomsday), as they are strong enough to physically break through his invulnerability without the need of Kryptonite.
      • Extreme Heat Resistance: Clark feels no pain when exposed to extreme heat.
    • Longevity: Kent, as a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, has a lifespan far greater than that of a human. As such, he doesn't show signs of age as long as the yellow sun is there to empower him. As Superman is unaffected by earthly diseases and draws energy from the sun to live, he is effectively an ageless immortal on Earth.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Superman almost never grows tired if he is continuously powered by the yellow sun of Earth. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breathe. He is able to survive flying into outer space and diving underwater. There was originally a limit to his stamina, as Clark showed strain while lifting an oil rig's huge collapsing drilling derrick, but that was before he reached his full potential (being considerably limited at the time by a mental block), and he was still ultimately able to lift it. After embracing his heritage and reaching his full potential, Superman hardly showed signs of fatigue, notably even towing a gigantic steamship by its anchor chain through Arctic ice without any strain. While he did grow tired after destroying the World Engine, Superman was able to recover almost instantly under direct sunlight, and to swiftly fly back to Metropolis, battle the pull of a Phantom Zone energy singularity, and fight General Zod, all without needing to catch his breath. Even during his ferocious mortal battle with the slightly stronger Doomsday, Superman, despite being considerably pressured by the huge ever-evolving monstrous juggernaut, never slowed down.
    • Flight: Superman can fly due to him being able to manipulate his own gravity field (since Earth's gravity is considerably lighter than Krypton's) and absorbing yellow sunlight. Combined with his speed, Superman can fly at tremendous supersonic speeds (beyond Mach 900), allowing him to take off into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely back onto the planet's surface with ease. He can also maneuver with precision in any direction, as well as hover in one place.
    • Superhuman Speed: Superman can run and fly at tremendous supersonic speeds. During his first flight, Superman traveled all the way from the Arctic to the savannahs of Kenya and then to the Monument Valley in Utah, all in a matter of minutes. At full speed, he was able to fly right through the World Engine and destroy it. Hence, Superman managed to tackle an armed Nairomi terrorist away from Lois before he managed to shoot her in the head. Superman flew back from the Indian Ocean to Metropolis in less than a minute, which easily makes his speed greater than Mach 900. Superman was even able to use his speed to escape the tremendous gravitational pull of a Phantom Zone energy singularity. Superman is thus the second fastest member of the JLA, with the only known being capable of moving slightly faster than Superman being the speedster The Flash.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Superman's speed seems to extend to his reflexes as well, as he managed to easily catch a Kryptonite gas grenade shot at him by Batman at close range, caught a punch from the larger Kryptonian Non while being pinned down by him and Ursa, from whom he also managed to catch a punch, and was able to avoid a couple of strikes from the equally fast and far more skilled General Zod.
    • Superhuman Hearing: Superman has incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to pick up numerous sounds (including both infrasound and ultrasound) and noises from immense distances. In his youth, this along with his superhuman vision overwhelmed him, but he eventually learned to control it. After honing his senses, he has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source or frequency.
      • Lie Detection: Superman can tell whether people are lying or not, based on the rate of their heartbeats.
    • Super Smell: On various occasions, Clark has demonstrated that his sense of smell is significantly enhanced to the point he can smell odors across the entire planet.
    • Self-Sustenance: He does not need to eat or sleep (but is still capable of doing so) and doesn't require oxygen to breathe enabling him to travel in space and underwater unprotected.
    • Healing Factor: Superman, in the rare instances when he is hurt, is shown to heal at superhuman speeds, such as when he was knocked unconscious by the explosion and collapse of an oil rig, taking a tremendous beating from the combined forces of Ursa and Non, and the full force of the gigantic beam of the World Engine. He almost instantly recovered from the World Engine, once exposed to sunlight. A wound on his face inflicted by Kryptonite left Superman with degraded cells within the wound, and this did not disappear until only after Superman was directly exposed to the sun. After being hit by a megaton nuke, Superman survives the tremendous explosion, but is greatly weakened, with his body desiccated into a slightly disintegrated corpse-like state (though this may be because he was exposed to Kryptonite gas twice shortly beforehand, and had not yet fully recovered without solar exposure), but as soon as he is exposed to the sun's radiation, his cells are reinvigorated almost at once, allowing Superman to recover to full power in mere seconds, and resume fighting Doomsday. However, if the injuries are serious enough to instantly kill him.
    • Super-Breath: Kent can create hurricane force winds by blowing, and also chill his breath to freeze a target. He can also breathe in large amounts of air to dispel clouds of gas by exhaling it.
    • Mimicry: Through a combination of super hearing and precise muscle control, Clark can imitate another person's voice.
      • Super Vision: Superman has superhuman eyesight far beyond that of humans. He thus possesses a superior sensory arrangement of telescopic, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma ray visual capabilities. He can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum when he desires, through mental focus. However, in his youth, his vision overwhelmed him as he saw everything at once, though he managed to hone his senses and bypass that weakness after some encouragement from Martha Kent.
        This ability includes the following:
        • Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision: He can see into all of the EM Spectrum. Kent can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods.
        • Telescopic Vision: Superman has the ability to focus his vision to see something at a great distance, by mentally zooming in.
        • Microscopic Vision: The ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the sub atomic level.
        • X-Ray Vision: Superman can see through almost any object, with him able to focus his vision past layers of matter, literally seeing "through" them, possibly perceiving X-rays, cosmic rays or other forms of energy invisible to normal human vision which pass through Earth's atmosphere (and solid objects). He is able to clearly see through the one-way glass in the interrogation room, reading Dr. Hamilton's ID badge in the latter's pocket, and simultaneously see through several walls into adjacent rooms, clearly seeing the soldiers in them. The only known materials known to be impenetrable to Superman's X-ray vision are lead (making him unable to see the bomb in Wallace Keefe's lead-lined wheelchair), the force field of a Kryptonian Breather (when rendered opaque), as well as the Kryptonian metal which the walls of the Fortress of Solitude were composed of.
        • Thermal Vision: The ability of see through the heat tracks left by a living being or object.


  • Expert Combatant: Due to having superpowers all his life and constantly engaging in battle with various foes, Superman has over time become an excellent hand-to-hand fighter utilizing a fighting style that directly complements his superpowers. Clark's combat versatility allows him to adapt to any foe and beat them. Additionally, Kent has been trained in boxing by Wildcat, Mongul in Gladiator combative methods, Wonder Woman in wrestling and even learned some advanced martial arts techniques from Batman.
  • Genius Level Intellect: He has shown incredible intelligence and computational abilities; his mind works sharply and with extreme speed relative to earth-humans. Superman's analytical powers enable him to read information directly from machines (and, with careful usage of his heat vision, he can even reprogram machines).
  • Indomitable Will: Superman was originally a optimistic and benevolent individual with an unyielding resolve. After his fall from grace, however, his strength of will became darker and Superman became a tyrannical autocrat who sought to destroy his enemies no matter the cost.
  • Investigation: Both as a superhero and as a journalist, Superman is an expert at gathering evidence from all kinds of sources.
  • Journalism: Clark is one of the best reporters on the Daily Planet, rivaled only by Lois Lane.
  • Leadership: When he was a superhero, Superman had the ability to command respect and inspire others with his charisma, ardor, and idealism. But after becoming the High Councilor of the Regime, Superman became a brutal and pragmatic tyrant who inspired his followers to seek victory at any cost and destroy anyone who stood in their way.
  • Ventriloquism: Used to practice in high school.


  • Vulnerability to Magic: Like all Kryptonians, Clark can be affected by most forms of magic like any ordinary human. Superman's vulnerability to magic varies depending upon the special effects of the magic. No magic seems to be able to directly destroy him unless it comes from a semi-divine or divine source. He can be injured and worn down by magical entities. Magic can have powerful and unpredictable effects on Clark and his magical enemies have often proven to be the most dangerous.
  • Vulnerability to Chi: Lex Luthor and Question argued that, because of Superman's solar based powers, planetary based esoteric and vital forces could have an opposite effect on him. Luthor posited that concentrated doses of such energies could severely cripple Clark and become fatal, and he attempted to exploit this weakness with the Science Spire, which tapped into the energies.
  • Vulnerability to Green Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, Clark is weak against green kryptonite, as it is a radioactive mineral from his home planet Krypton. Green Kryptonite renders Clark physically weak and mentally ill: the effects will make Kent weaker the longer he's exposed to its radiation. the green kryptonite not only weakens his physical attributes, leaving him vulnerable to weapons and anything in general that can kill a normal human, but if he is exposed to it for too long, it will kill him. He once stated that green kryptonite exposure hurts more than cracked ribs.
  • Vulnerability to Red Kryptonite: Like all good Kryptonians, if Clark is exposed to red kryptonite, he will be left without morality, rationality, or any cares whatsoever. Left with only malice, pride and wrath, Kent will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, making him a danger to everyone around him.
  • Vulnerability to Blue Kryptonite: robs Superman of his powers and abilities but does not cause him any physical or mental ailment.
  • Vulnerability to Gold Kryptonite: can give Kent permanent wounds or scars that can't ever be healed and it can also cause him to lose his powers and abilities forever.
  • Vulnerability to Silver Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, if Clark is exposed to Silver Kryptonite, It makes Clark dangerously paranoid and suspicious, and also causing him to go into a deep and frightful hallucination where nothing from the outside world can stir him out of it until it leaves his system.
  • Lead: Clark cannot see through lead with his vision powers.
  • Superhuman Hearing/High-frequencies: Though considered a strength, Superman's hearing does have its disadvantages. Since his hearing is more sensitive than a normal human's, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient him and cause pain in his ears, leaving him vulnerable in a fight. Therefore, enemies with sound based powers, like Silver Banchee can potentially be powerful enough to cause a Clark's ears to bleed.
  • Sensory Overload (Formerly): As Superman has superhuman senses, his brain can be overwhelmed by the information it takes in. Though he can gradually learn to hone his senses, an attack on his sight and/or hearing can briefly stun him. But he will recover from the attack afterwards. Clark, however, permanently overcame this weakness as a child, though focus and with guidance from his mother Martha. Hence, a sudden intense attack from Batman's sonic emitters only affected him for a few seconds, with Superman able to swiftly recover and destroy them.
  • Mental Block (Formerly): Clark, before finding out about his alien origins, subconsciously suppressed his powers out of isolation and a lack of understanding them. Hence, while Clark was still incredibly strong and powerful, this mental block considerably limited his strength, endurance and durability relative to what they could be at their full potential, to the point that holding up an oil rig's collapsing drilling derrick strained Clark, and the subsequent explosion and collapse of the oil rig knocked him out. In addition, the mental block also prohibited him from mastering the power of flight. However, once he learned of his Kryptonian heritage from Jor-El and embraced who he is as Kal-El, Clark finally permanently overcame this weakness and gained his full potential, becoming much stronger than ever before (notably towing a gigantic steamship by its chain through Arctic ice without any strain, and even preventing a devastating earthquake by shifting an entire tectonic plate), nearly never again showing signs of fatigue, and finally learning how to fly.
  • Solar energy depletion: Using his solar flare can completely drain his solar energy to the point where Kent loses all of his powers and is rendered more human like for at least a day. This renders him as weak as a human, allowing Clark to get injured and killed as easy as killing a human.
    • Red sun radiation: The radiation of the Earth's yellow sun was less harsh and more nourishing than that of the red sun, granting Kryptonians the same abilities to Superman. But when returned to the environment, the abilities regress and disappear, meaning that for all Kryptonians, Clark, exposure to the red sun resets his biology to its original state on Krypton, making Clark the equivalent of a human being on Earth.
  • Psionics:



  • Supersuit: Superman's traditional Kryptonian skinsuit, which he wears when openly demonstrating his powers as a superhero, by helping others in need. it is also unknown what materials it is made from, it is shown to be just as immune to damage as a Kryptonian. Clark notably is able to change into his suit in seconds with his speed, usually keeping it underneath his civilian clothing.
  • Clark Kent glasses (formerly): Clark's pair of glasses, which he always dons whenever he needs to conceal him being Superman, notably while posing as a mild-mannered human reporter at the Daily Planet.


  • This design belongs to Phil Cho on Deviantart.
  • Clark is voiced by Michael Agrusso also known as ItsJustSomeRandomGuy.
  • Superman does not respond to the name Clark Kent, seeing his human name as being beneath him and the genetics behind his Kryptonian name to pronounce him superior and dominant to Earth and its citizens.
  • Unlike the other Superman, this Superman said the line "May Rao have mercy on his soul." instead of "May God have mercy on his soul.". This indicates that he worships the sun deity of his late home planet of Krypton rather than the deity of the humans he rules over.


  • Clark was a vegetarian at one point in his life.
  • Clark's favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird.