[[File:Kaznian Flag|250px|]]
Country Name Kaznia
Continental location Europe
Leader(s) * Regent (Formerly)
  • King Gustav (Formerly)
  • Queen Audrey (Current)
Race(s) Kaznians
Status Thriving (Currently locked in a Civil War)

Kaznia is a small country located in the Balkans of Europe. It is a country that is currently locked in a continuous civil war between both the North and South. The country is located somewhere in Vojvodina, Serbia. The coordinates are supposedly 45°9'8" N, 19°58'13" E.


For as long as the peoples of the world can remember, Kaznia has been in a raging civil war that has caused many countries to create large weapons embargos which forbid both sides to gain any armaments from other countries. Lex Luthor had dealings with the country's current Regent at the time and his company LexCorp was supplying the country with arms which allowed them to continue their brutal conflict.

The country was also receiving armaments from people in Gotham City such as the Penguin, Bane and even Rupert Thorne. This however didn't turn out as well due to the fact that all three were cheating them out of money.

Royal FamilyEdit

Later on, the country of Kaznia was ruled by King Gustav who sadly died after being poisoned by his future son-in-law Vandal Savage who was set to marry his daughter Audrey. After the death of the king, Vandal decided to use up his new power and utilize the Kaznian orbital space station as a weapon against the world if they didn't comply with his demands.

The Justice League managed to foil his evil plot and Audrey, now the queen ordered her husband to be taken into custody and was put into the dungeons after suffering he sustained injuries from a blow that could have killed him.

North Vs. SouthEdit

Eventually, Kaznia was split into two and the civil war continued. the Greek God Ares gave the Northern Kaznians a mobile battle suit which majorly exacerbated the war even further. Eventually though the north and south stopped their fighting due to the fact that they were being manipulated by Ares, although it was clear that further hostilities would continue later on.


After a long while, Kaznia's north and south became reunified and as a result, joined the European Union. Accepting the Euro as their currency, the Secret Society of Super Villains attempted the theft of a large Euro shipment that was making it's way into the country.

Fan FictionEdit

Xeno Fighter 451Edit

The people of Kaznia discovered a cryogenically frozen Kryptonian in their country that appeared to have been resting for almost a century. Hybrid and Wonder Woman headed to their gala about the unveiling of the Kryptonian, however what wasn't known was that the cryogenically frozen being was waking up from over centuries of sleep.