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Kor-El is a Kryptonian who's family is from Vathlo Island. His family maried into Kal-Els family and hastaken the suffix El. Kor  and Kal was sent off world and landed on different planets. Kal of course landed on Earth and through time became Superman defender of Earth. Kor landed on a planet Usworia. On this planet He discovered his powers and trained daily on how to control them. As an adult Kor-El left Usworia and traveled around the galaxy. He stopped at serveral planets protecting it's inhabitants and even entire planets, then he made one final stop at Earth. He found kal-El who now takes the superhero name Superman. The two Kryptonians shared stories of their lives becoming heroes and saving the innocent. Kor-El dubs himself, Galactic Superman dealing with threats to planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Years of living on Earth Kor-El has adopted the Earth Id, Khalil Devon. Years later more and more Kryptonians who survived by fleeing off world resurfaced. Together with his cousin Kal-El they created the Superman Corp, for the kryptonians who who see the value of life and wish to protect it. Although not many see that way,





heat vision

super speed

super strength


Solar energy absorption

Adventures of Kyrpton's 2nd son
Real Name Kor-El
Current Alias Galactic Superman
Relatives Kal-El aka Superman (cousin)
Born 1984
Age 33
Affiliation Superman corps.
Base Of Operations Broken Thumb Video Games inc.
Alignment Hero
Identity Khalil Devon
Race Kryptonian
Occupation Video Game designer
Education Uswodian tech
Gender male
Height 6'5
Weight 215
Eyes brown
Hair black
Skin rown
Universe 2,000,000
Partner Solar Flare
Place of Birth Krypton
Voiced By Brudikai222 if ever given the chance.

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