Electrocutioner (DC Xtreme)
Lenny Buchinsky is a lowlife thug minion of Black Mask (who she has a huge secret crush on) who is just sicks and tired of always being foiled by Batman. Than, while trying to run from Batman, Lenny start to unleashing his powers of electric where she nearly shocks him to death. Than, she was giving the name, Electrocutioner, while reading a newspaper while having troubles of what to her call herself as a supervillaine. Than, after being defeated by Batman where he know her weakness of water, she vow vengeance on him. She also crashes with Superman (while teaming ups with her old childhood friend, Livewire), Static, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow while also being a future member of the New Suicide Squad

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Electrokinesis 

Weakness Edit

  • Water 

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