Official Name LexCorp
Aliases LuthorCorp
Status Active
Identity Public
Alignment Bad
Universe L.O.D. Universe
Organization Leader(s) Lex Luthor
Current Members Mercy Graves
Hugo Strange
Emil Hamilton
Professer Ivo
Gretchen Kelley
Doctor Teng
Sebastien Mallory
Former Members Otis
Allies Legion of Doom
Enemies WayneCorp
Queen Inc


  • Lex Technologies: Research and development into weapons, pharmaceuticals, robotics, computer hardware and software (LexComp), bio-engineering, fertiliser, preservatives, hydroponics, air conditioning, and probably other fields.
  • Lex Industries: Operates most of Metropolis' utilities, including electricity, gas, oil (LexOil), water, sewage treatment and waste disposal.
  • Lex Communications: Phone company (LexCom), television stations (LexTel and Luthor News Network) and briefly the Daily Planet newspaper.
  • Lex Enterprises: Cash businesses, including hotels (Lexor), rented accommodation, restaurants and public transportation.
  • Lex Financial: Banks, brokerage houses, investment firm (LexEl Investments).
  • Lex Foundation: Philanthropic enterprises including Luthor Hospital, Luthor Home for Children, Luthor Foundation for the Arts and LexMet Square Garden.
  • Property Holdings: LexCorp also owns considerable property in Metropolis, such as the Lexor hotel.
  • Others branches: LexMart (supermarket chain), Lextendo (games).[1

LexCorp ProjectsEdit

  • Lazarus Serum – A healing formula created from Clark Kent's blood.
  • Level Three – A hidden sub-level in Plant #3 conducting mysterious and possibly illegal experiments which eventually developed intoLevel 33.1, research into metahumans.
  • Levitas – A highly powerful truth serum.
  • Leviathan – A sonic-based naval weapon that has since been destroyed beyond repair.
  • Fear Toxin – Caused victims to live out their worst fears.
  • Model 503 – A clone of Lana Lang.
  • Nicodemus flower – The once-extinct flower brought back to life by irradiated meteor rocks.
  • Project 1138 – Meteor rock-enhanced vampire bats.
  • Project Ares – LuthorCorp's attempt to create super-soldiers.
  • Project Gemini – Research dedicated to human cloning; responsible for Model 503 and Grant Gabriel.
  • Project Mercury – Efforts to create a super-vaccine to fight all human diseases.
  • Project Intercept – Neurological efforts to retrieve information via mind-melding.
  • Project Scion – Special research into unidentified, possibly alien, black liquid. The reason Lex created this project was because he believed this project will protect Earth from upcoming threats, particularly aliens.
  • Project Starhawk – Although officially operated by the Department of Domestic Security, Lex gave valuable information to Agent Carter involving LexCorp's research into an advanced alien race.
  • Project X-EL – Intended for Lex's survival, To heal his cancer, And to give him Superpowers
  • Solar tower – To harness the power of the sun through a large tower.
  • Memory Neurotoxin- created to wipe out memories in 30 seconds. After being in the development process from Summerholt, Luthorcorp advanced it further.


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