Malefic (DC Xtreme)
Malefic is a bit deformed humanoid octopus clone of the Martian Manhunter where he was created by Maxwell Lord to destroy the Martian Manhunter, once and for all. But, however, he has a identity crisis where he has troubles of that if he's the real J'onn J'onzz or not where he completely mistaken J'onn as the clone and he the real one. Than, he soon realize that he is a clone and where he try to kills his creator. However, he was killed by Maxwell where he turn into green slims.  

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Flight 
  • Shape-Shifting 
  • Reading Minds 
  • Multingualism 
  • Invisibiity 
  • Heat Visions 
  • Density Control 

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