Martian Manhunter Xtreme is a comic book series which featuring the Martian Manhunter after his appearances in Justice League Xtreme. Its set in the DC Xtreme universe.

Story Arcs Edit

Martian vs. Malefic (1-5) Edit

Story Plot: After helping the Justice League defeating his enemy, J'onn J'onzz find himself having troubles of balance his life between a normal human police detective and a superhero. However, his human friend, Dr. Saul Edrel helps him out. However, Maxwell Lord breaks out of jail and steal the Martian Manhunter's DNA and create a evil, a bit deformed clone of the martian where he name him, Malefic

Introducing Characters: Malefic

Villain: Maxwell Lord, Malefic, Bank Robbers

Locations: New York City, J'onn J'onzz's Apartment, Dr. Saul Edrel's Labs, New York Police Department, Central Park, Abandoned Warehouse, Manhatten

Where There Smokes, There Fire! (6-8) Edit

Story Plot: When Batman come to New York City to helps the Martian Manhunter of stopping a criminal who has his one and only weakness, fire know as the Human Flame. However, Firefly came to New York where he team-ups with his old childhood friend to burn New York City into ashes. The two heroes works together to defeats them.

Introducing Characters: Michael Miller/Human Flame

Villain: Human Flame, Firefly

Locations: J'onn J'onzz's Apartment, Dr. Saul Edrel's Labs, New York Police Department, George Washington Bridge

Headmaster (9-11) Edit

Story Plot:

Introducing Characters: Headmaster

Villain: Headmaster


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