Real name

Nguvu kipengele Malkia wa Afrika (maidin name)

Nguvu Hawkins (married name)








Mother (deceased), Father, Virgil (boyfriend/husband), Unnamed son


Africa, Dakota



Rogue of:

Anything Evil


Control the Elements, Flight, Light and energy control, Telekinesis, Super Speed, Super Strength


Roho is Nguvu’s super hero name. She is Static’s girlfriend in his younger years and then his wife in later. She later has a unnamed son with him.


Early LifeEdit

Nguvu’s early life is different then most girls. She was born and raised in Africa as Princess and heir to the throne. Her mother was Queen of African and her father was a billionaire. She was close to her mother more then her father. She was born with the ability to control the elements, use telekinesis and have super strength and super speed. She was also born with blue eyes. When her father saw her he was shocked at first. But her mother named her Nguvu, which means ‘Power’ in her native language. Her mother called her, “Mpenzi mmoja.” Beloved one. Her father left Africa shortly after she was two years old. But he visited a few times. She was raised mostly by her mother.

Her mother noticed that she was lonely so she decides to give her a pet. Not just any pet but a lion. She and the scientists takes a small amount of her DNA and they insert it into an unborn lion cub. When the lion is born, and it’s able to leave it’s mother they give it to her at a present. Nguvu smiles and names her Rafiki, which means ‘Friend’ in her language. Rafiki has powers to, when they took a small amount of Nguvu’s DNA made a large thing happen. She was given her powers but she already knew how to use them. So she’s Nguvu’s teacher. She also learned from the African Sprits on how to control her powers and how to use them. She was raised in music and developed a very beautiful voice.

But that would soon change…. All of a sudden her mother got sick. Thinking that she would not live the Royal Council started to model Nguvu in a Queen again. (They tried before but the Queen refused because she was young.) At this time Nguvu is 13 years old. 2 years passed and the Queen did not get better. In pact she got worse. She made her will saying that everything she had, everything that belonging to the Queen/King would be her daughters’. Word was sent to her father and he sent a letter saying that Nguvu to come and live with him. She didn’t want to but her mother convicted her go.


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Nguvu is from Africa and looks as such. She has chocolate skin and long brown hair. Her hair is brown with light brown highlights. Her big bright eyes are blue as the sea.
  • Nguvu's first normal outfit
  • Nguvu at full power
  • Nguvu's second normal outfit


Nguvu wears several outfits but she wears 2 main ones. Her first one is a pink 1-shoulder top with a green tank top under it. She wears green pants with pink and blue bands at the bottom. Her shoes are pink sneakers with green flaps on them. She wears her hair loose but it’s fluffy and has a pink and green headband on it. Her second on is a soft purple sleeveless hoodie with denim capris that have a khaki cuff on the front, with soft pink hiking boots.

Hero FormEdit

When Nguvu is in her Powers form her whole appearance changes. She is a black figure with purple outlining. Her eyes are white pits that sometimes glow Pink when angry. Her hair is moving pink and white energy that never stays in one shape/still.


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  • · Nguvu’s name means, “Power” in Swahili.
  • · Nguvu is the only known Royal Person to become a Crime Fighter.