Backstory Edit

Corbin Lawton AKA Red bandit is Floyd Lawton's son. Growing up with the Suicide Squad he gained a hatred of the Justice League. He later developed a formula to get rid of The Justice League's powers. He failed on Flash and was sent to Iron Heights by Kid Flash. There he allied with Trickster who called mIrror Master to break them out. After breaking them out, Heat Wave attempted to kill him. But he escaped and followed in his father's footsteps.

First Year Edit

During his first year as an assassin he called himself Blood Bandit. But later on through that year he called himself Red Bandit. He said that because he stole blood from people. He then roamed Gotham for She Bat to form an ally. But then Amanda Waller told him to kill She Bat. He did but then died in his first year. He was killed by Deathstroke, Black Spider, Man Bat and Ra's Al Ghul.

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