Real Name David Rotlesburgh
Current Alias Robin
Alignment Good
Universe DC
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 162
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Unusual Features Robin Suit (Pre-Crisis)
 David Rostlesburg is the Sidekick of Batman and one of the Robins. His parents were trained assasins for the Terrorist Ra's El Ghul. They were killed on a mission. Soon, Batman (Dick Grayson) found there son in his base while trying to stop the operation. After training Him for 8 years, David not only became his son figure, he became Robin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Peak of Human Conditioning: David is at the peak of Human conditioning. After Dick Grayson showed and taught him acrobatics and martial arts for 8 years, he is now one of the best acrobats in the world, As well as a Master in 70 different martial Arts.

Genius Intel.: Dick Grayson also taught him computer hacking and technology for 8 years. His Intel is better than most college Level students.

Indomitable Will: David has an indomitable Will, completely free of evil and temptation, He can resist mind control and can operate a Green Lantern Ring if necessary.

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