Robin Injustice 2

Robin is a role taken up by Batman's sidekicks and has currently been used by four different people, the first of them was Dick Grayson (now Nightwing), is Batman's former sidekick and now the leader of the Teen Titans. He is also the mentor of younger member and third Robin Tim Drake (current Robin) and the lover of Koriand'r (Starfire)

Injustice 2 Edit

The Tim Drake edition of Robin is a fighter in Injustice 2. Having been contacted by Batman and informed of a mass killing spree, Robin quickly heads out with the other Titans to meet him in Gotham City, but find it to be a trap set by Sweet Tooth. Luckily, they are able to capture him and contact the real Batman, and the clown is put in Arkham Asylum.

Later they are contacted once more by Batman, and although Cyborg is suspicious, the Titans meet him in the same spot as last time, where they find Batman waiting, and he asks that only Robin come with him, leaving the other Teen Titans suspicious. But in the end it is just Batman being distrustful of the other members.

Nightwing is also a playable character in Injustice 2 when the Joker is launching a second nuclear attack on Metropolis, despite earlier results, Nightwing fights Harley Quinn and several goons he ends up having an early boss fight with the Joker, the result of which ends in the nuke exploding, but it turns out it was a ploy and the nuke was an empty bombshell. Nightwing works with Superman, Arrow, and Braman to investigate if it was a sick joke or a distraction, they discover that in reality the Joker had placed several nukes around both Gotham and New York, they are too late though, and Dick ends up sacrificing himself by rewiring the nukes, which cause a small explosion, but in order to do that he would have to stay with the nukes, exploding with them. The rest of Injustice 2 is spent by Tim Drake, Superman, Cyborg, and Batman trying find a way to rip open the fabric of time and universal law just to save Dick but again are transported to an alternate dimension, where they succeeded in ripping open the fabric of time, but it stays open. Which creates rift which destroys Gotham and Metropolis, after fighting criminals and progressing further into the storyline, the game ends with them managing to return to their reality, only to discover that somehow, the rift in the alternate dimension brought him back to life, and Batman reveals to Grayson how proud of him he really is.

Moves Edit

As Dick Grayson

Escrima Shock

Ground sparks


Escrima Spin


As Tim Drake:

Staff Spin

Wing-Ding slam

Staff Meeting

Buried Alive


Relationships Edit

As Dick Grayson:

-Starfire is Dick Grayson's central love interest and Nightwing shows concern and trust to her.

-Tim Drake plays a younger brother-type role to Dick Grayson and they both trust each other more than Batman even.

-Cyborg was good friends with Nightwing back in the day when he was a member of the Titans.

As Tim Drake:

-Tim finds Starfire attractive, but does not in any way love her, they trust each other quite well though.

-Dick Grayson is like an older brother to him, even when he planned contingencies for every other hero gone rogue, he has even said that the one person he would never put on the list is Grayson.

-Batman, as Tim's and Grayson's old mentor, trusts them both even more than he trusts his own son, they are his adopted sons and he trusts Grayson and Drake in ways that he could never trust any others, Batman does not even need to talk to them to get the message through, as shown in Injustice, when Damian (his son) kills Grayson in the alternate reality, he refuses to call Damian his son, going as far as saying that Grayson and Tim are his "real" sons, also shown in Young Justice where Robin makes an irritating leader as he never tells them what to do, because he spent so much time with Batman, who trusted him so much as to not even needing to talk to him, this was a minor disadvantage.

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