Dark Pig


Ryoga Wayne


Dark Pig








Wayne Enterprises


Martha Wayne (adopted mother, deceased)

Thomas Wayne (adopted father, deceased)

Alfred Pennyworth (guardian)


Kryptonian 1/2




Businessman, Vigilante


Once there was a happy and contented child who had two loving parents who looked after him and meant the world to young Hibiki Ryoga, but one day his world was shattered when they were attacked by a gang of street thugs in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, and right before his eyes he saw them disappear in a hail of gunfire.  When the smoke finally cleared there was no sign at all of his parents.

Lost and abandoned, the little boy is found and adopted by a kindly couple who just happen to be visiting this city, and soon young Ryoga Wayne is growing up to be a strong and healthy young boy, one who trains excessively to heighten his physical and mental abilities to near superhuman (all right, WELL BEYOND SUPERHUMAN in the case of his physical properties) levels.

In all this time one thought dominates his every waking hour, "I must avenge my parents, their murder will not go unpunished!" The boy with superhuman strength grows up to become a world class fighter with average grades, but one who cannot seem to find him way past a straight line, no matter how many specialists his parents take him to see. At last, in desperation, they go to a private specialist, who is experimenting on a new kind of hormonal extract; one that he hopes will boost intelligence to above average levels. Soon the boy is getting exceptionally good grades and is ready to graduate with honors.

One day, nine years after their abrupt disappearance from his world, Ryoga contemplated what he was going to do with his life and family fortune. His adopted parents had "moved on to another level," it was not yet Pearl Harbor day, and he was officially listed as "White" on legal documents, so no one questioned his right to inherit the family fortune. The problem was what to do with his money to help avenge his parents. And thus Dark Pig was born, scourge of villainy and righter of wrong things.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Similar to those of Batman, with the addition of Ryoga’s physical stats.



No sense of direction however Ryoga has learned to navigate by paying attention to landmarks.



Ryoga’s biological Parents aren’t actually dead, just lost.

Ryoga came up with the name Dark Pig from his pet pig Percival