Seth Storm
Vital Statistics
Real Name Seth Storm
Age 20
Race "Anomaly"
 "Call it what you will disgusting, weird, heck attractive, whatever, the point is Gut storage for me comes naturally with an organ made for the very thign rather than storing stuff in ones stomach like you idiots do." 

Seth Storm is an anomoly. Literally he should not exist. He has no birth files, no data you can dig up on, he just doesn't exist. Yet he began existing when Cadmus pulled the being Seth Storm off the street and threw him into the suicde squad thinking he was just another low life mutant, to use and do away with. On his first mission waller detonated all the nano chip devices implanted in their spines, however Seth's nano chip leapt from his flesh revealing it had not even entered his body, before exploding in the targets face. 

Since then he has been on the run. 

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