Real Name Stephanie Cassandra Brown
Current Alias Batgirl
Aliases ‎Steph
Relatives Arthur Brown (father);
Crystal Brown (mother);
Born August 11, 1998
Age 18
Affiliation Tim Drake (boyfriend), Young Justice, Batman Family
Base Of Operations Mount Justice, Los Angeles, California
Alignment Good
Identity Secret Identity
Race Human
Nationality American
Marital Status Dating
Occupation Adventurer, Vigilante, Sidekick (formerly), Student (formerly)
Education High school graduate
Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Weight 117 lbs (53 kg)
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Skin White, fair
Universe Earth-77
Place of Birth Gotham City, Gotham
Voiced By Tara Strong

Stephanie Brown is a street vigilante who operates in Gotham City as a member of the Batman Family. Brown is the daughter of super-villain Cluemaster and Crystal Brown, seeking to atone for her father's crimes. she is also the girlfriend of Tim Drake. After discovering the Batcave, she succeeded Barbara Gordon and became the newest Batgirl.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Acrobatics: She was trained by Batman and through her own experience in acrobatic tactics.
  • Computer Hacking: She was trained by Oracle to hack computers and computerized security systems.
  • Escapology: She was trained by Batman and through her own experience in the art of escaping.
  • Investigation: Stephanie's investigative nature has allowed her to uncover even Batman's secrets.
  • Intimidation: She leverages her considerable presence, her excellent training in psychology and interrogation, being obviously willing and able to hit people really really hard, suddenly shifting toward protectiveness, etc. to achieve remarkable results.
  • Martial Arts: Stephanie was trained by Batman and Oracle in hand-to-hand combat. Using her skills she has not only taken on Batman's villains but Superboy too.
  • Stealth: She was trained by Batman and Robin in stealthy maneuvers. She was able to sneak into the Batcave and Tim Drake's international hideout, and she has sneaked through Gotham City by its sewers.
  • Tactical Analysis: Seeking Batman's approval and to solidify her role as his sidekick she stole one of his most dangerous ultimatum plans and enacted it. Though she did not create this plan she was instrumental in its execution.
  • Throwing: She is skilled enough in throwing that she is able to contend with BatmanRedbird. She was trained by Batman and Oracle.



  • Batgirl Costume: After becoming Batgirl, Lucius Fox designed a costume for Stephanie which is comparable to the rest of the Bat-family's, which it is armored and insulated against ballistic, flame, and electrical attacks. Stephanie's Batsuit carriers a wireless relay within her cowl in order to keep her in contact with Barbara. The suit also allows Oracle to monitor Stephanie's vital signs.


  • This design belongs to Phil Cho on Deviantart.
  • Batgirl bears a striking resemblance to Peyton List, who played Emma Ross on Jessie and currently Bunk'd.


  • Batgirl is in love and in a relationship with Tim Drake.

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