The Tri-Breed
General Information
Homeworld Various
Height Various
Weight Various
Diet Various
Lifespan Various
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Thriving

The Tri-Breed (A.K.A "The Tri-Humanoids" or "Ultrahumans") are a sub-species of various superhuman beings that are superior to their more pure counterparts in one way or another. These beings are of a new breed and are extraordinarily powerful.


The Tri-Breed didn't start until the 1990s on the planet Earth. Star Labs located in Metropolis was experimenting with the DNA of 3 different species. These species were Kryptonian, Human and Green Martian.

Hybrid & HybridessEdit

Dr. Daniel Bromley was ahead of the project that would create one of the most powerful super beings in existence. Impregnating his wife Nicole Bromley with the embryo constructed in Star Labs, Daniel also injected her with an enzyme in order to keep her from changing into a superhuman or worse, dying before the baby was even born.

Upon giving birth, Nicole had birthed not one baby, but two. To Daniel's surprise, the cell that was growing in his wife's womb actually divided into two embryos, making for twins. Now not only being the father of 2 of the first Tri-Breed beings, Daniel learned from them and taught them how to use their powers.

Eventually though, their parents both died in a car accident, which caused them both to separate when they got older. One became an archaeologist while the other stayed behind in order to protect the people of the world and even become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate owner.

The Dawn of a New SpeciesEdit

The 2 original Tri-Breeds were known as Hybrid and Hybridess. The species was slowly starting to appear on Earth, however slowly because there were no other Tri-Breeds for them to mate with and they didn't desire to mate with each other. Instead of the first two mating with each other, one married a Kryptonian and the other remained single.

Eventually though, other species found that in order to create a more unique species of superhuman, they would have to breed with others to make them more powerful. This marked the dawn of the Tri-Breed species and a brand new chapter in the history of the universe.


The Tri-Breed are known to be mostly a species bred from a mixture of 3 different species. This allows them to be even more powerful despite them being a sub-species. Many of them look more human than most others and others tend to be more grotesque looking. Despite what many may believe, the Tri-Breeds are immune to the individual weaknesses of the species that helped create them.

Being a species known to propagate, the Tri-Breed are capable of mating with any of the three species that helped create them and no matter what, birth offspring of the same physiology. The other thing about the mating between this species is the fact that they can even breed with other members of their family as well without their offspring possessing any birth defects of any kind.


One of the most unique aspects of the Tri-Breed is their technological advancements that have mostly been created from reverse-engineered technology of other species. Despite what others think, the Tri-Breed are not limited to only one race's technology, they rely a lot on the technology of others and reverse-engineer it into their own culture and make it their own.

  • Terraforming: A very big technological advancement that has been created by the Tri-Breed is their capability to take dead or worlds with harsh climates and turn them into planets that are habitable to the species of their choice. Hybrid actually used this technology to create a New Krypton using nothing more than the planet Venus.
  • Energy Based Weapons: Although many rely solely on their own superhuman abilities, others have also relied on the use of direct energy based weapons, with key components that are reverse engineered from other races.
  • Advanced Metallurgy & Metal Works: Being masters of great inventions, they are also known to be experts in the mixtures of various metals and create newer and more stronger alloys from the original metals. Some alloys have actually come out to be virtually indestructible.
  • Genetic Physiological Manipulation Technology: A unique technology developed by the Tri-Breed is a capability to actually manipulate the genetic physiology of any known species and allow them to possess the powers and abilities of the species that they have been manipulated to the same physiology. They also are capable of reversing the process as well and reverting others back to their normal selves.


Being a species composed of various others, the Tri-Breed are known to have different variations which distinguish them from the others.

  • The Progenitors: The very first ever variation to be created were known as the Progenitors. These are the ones that are a combination of Kryptonians, Green Martians and Humans.

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