Cheetah finally succeeded in killing Wonder Woman by infecting her with a chemical that can melt the cley that her mother made her from along with a drop of her mom's blood, while Clayface finished the job by absorbing all but Wonder Woman's clothes/uniform and weapons, leaving her infant daughter an orphan and putting on Wonder Woman's clothes/uniform herself as The Wonder Cheetah: Queen of The Cyber Amazon's.


After becoming The Wonder Cheetah and introducing highly advanced alien technology which turned Thermascarah into a super cyber utopia still coexisting with nature and turning/training all of the Amazon's into becoming high-tech mercenaries called The Cyber Amazon's,Wonder Cheetah: Queen of The Cyber Amazon's had no idea what to do next, until planet Apocalypse began to invade Earth again. She and her Cyber Amazon's helped the Justice League in defeating Darkside once and for all, leavening her to be pardoned of all her crimes and become the new 3rd in command of the Justice League of America. Wonder Cheetah would also marry Wonder Woman's widowed husband and become the stepmother to their daughter who would grow up to believe that she is her birth mother until her 18th birthday.


As Wonder Cheetah, Cheetah can now revert back into human form, but rebecomes Cheetah when ever she transforms into her superhero identity, Wonder Cheetah, but can never ever become a human Wonder Woman. Also, her new sworn enemy is an evil Amazon named Amanda.

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