Wonder-Woman is the new Wonder Woman after Diana Prince and Donna Troy.

Wonder Woman
Real Name Cassandra Sandsmark
Current Alias Wonder-Woman
Alias(es) Wonder Girl, Sandsmark, Wonder Woman, Wonder-Woman
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-616
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 140 ibs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Unusual Features None


Cassie is the second person to be called Wonder Girl; the first being Donna Troy. Cassie is the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark (a noted archaeologist with whom Wonder Woman was working) and the Greek god Zeus. During a fight with a Doomsday clone and another battle with Decay, she created a costume and used magical acquirements (the sandals of Hermes and the gauntlet of Atlas) to help Wonder Woman, much to her mother's horror. Cassie later had the opportunity to ask Zeus for a boon, and requested real superpowers. Zeus granted her request, but gave Dr. Sandsmark the ability to deactivate them. Dr. Sandsmark, however, reluctantly accepted her daughter's wish to be a superheroine and rarely if ever uses this ability.

Becoming Wonder WomanEdit

In 2020, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, had dissapeared. Cassandra was chosen to be the third Wonder Woman.

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