Zoom suit
Zoom suit
Creator Unknown
Owner Hunter Zolomon
User Hunter Zolomon
Function Protective armor-plated suit
The Zoom suit is a protective armor-plated suit that Hunter Zolomon used to hide his villainous alter ego as Zoom, which veils his identity from his victims.


  • Aerodynamics: The suit's form-fitting design and articulation allows Hunter to maintain control of every step and movement that he takes. This is what allows him to dodge attacks and run as he would without it.
  • Communications Link: The suit has wireless communication capabilities through its built in winged lightning-bolt shaped miniature earpieces, This grants Hunter full communication with the Rogues. The link can be routed to other people's phone and display it as if it was from his cell phone
  • Identity Concealment: Zoom uses a pitch black helmet to conceal his Identity and stay anonymous. plus Hunter's full suit allowed him to not leave any hair or skin samples at any of his attacks on the CCPD, protecting his identity from the police.
  • Force Resistance: Like The Flash suit It's made of specific fibers, reinforced tripolymer, it is also made from the same material that NASA uses to protect spaceships from burning up as they re-enter Earth's atmosphere making it resistant to several thousand degrees of intense heat, whether it be around Jay or it be the friction generated from his body while running; as well as resistant from grazing bullets, knives, abrasions, or scars. as well as resistant to extreme physical forces and protect the wearer from it. An example of this was when Hunter was attacked by Killer Frost in which the suit was providing Hunter with a bit of protection.
  • Intimidation: Fitting in with his sadistic and feral personality, Hunter's suit functions well for intimidation purposes. Complimenting the sound that Hunter's Speed Force connection generates, with the appearance of Hunter's purple Speed Force lightning, and the suit's black coloring give him the terrifying appearance of a thunderstorm incarnate. This gives him a psychological edge over his opponents, using fear to get under their guard.

Known usersEdit


  • This design belongs to Phil Cho on Deviantart.

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